Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wishing for warmer days

I was born in the wrong section of the country.  I am a cold blooded, sun loving gal and was born, raised and still live in the cold, cold northern section of the country.  I do wonder what is wrong with my head sometimes, I shouldn't willingly stay here.  I am able to obtain, what is lovingly referred to as, "ice cold, frozen turkey butt" without even really trying.  I am accused of not actually having blood when my body decides it just can't produce the heat needed to keep my toes/hands/face/body warm.  I can, and do, shiver uncontrollably when other people are "chilled, but not too bad".  It's a miracle I haven't frozen to death yet.

Because of this issue, I dress in layers.  Lots of them.  When I go out in the morning to take care of the critters, I am normally in merino wool thermal pants, flannel lined jeans/polar fleece breeches, long sleeve shirt and sweatshirt with optional thermal shirt, arctic insulated carhart bibs and jacket and a felted wool (handmade) hat.  As a result, I look like I weigh about 300 lbs and move like a penguin but at least I am warm(er), right?  I have air activated hand warmer, toe warmers and even air activated foot insole warmers. I have found UnderArmour ColdGear Base Layer to be one of the warmest pieces of fabric to ever be made.

Why bring this up? Because my region is getting some of the coldest arctic air yet this winter.  I watch the news and see people in the 30's and am envious.  I dream of warm breezes and a bright sunbeam where I can go outside in less than 4 pounds of clothing.  Ah the things we sacrifice for love and dreams right?  So I hope others are keeping warm and are enjoying the weather in your neighborhood, I am doing my part to burn calories by shivering.  Enjoy!

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  1. I used to be that way (still am a little I guess)!! I could sit in a room that was seventy five degrees and SHIVER! People didn't believe me that I was cold that easily, but I promise you I was. What I finally discovered is that I'm anemic, so if you've never been checked it might be worth looking into. Since I've started taking an iron supplement I can now sit in a room in the fifties in short sleeves and feel comfortable. It has been so nice to not have to be bundled up to go outside. Now I just go out in jeans, sweatshirt, jacket and toboggan. I haven't even drug out the silk long underwear this year. However I do live in the south and it's a lot warmer down here than it is up there. Try to keep warm and check into the anemia if you can.