Monday, January 24, 2011

Have money, can travel

I like eventing, been playing with the sport for a couple of years now.  Now, as a new resident of the area, I have been on the lookout for a new trainer.  I have taken dressage lessons fairly regularly this last year but almost no jumping so I am currently looking for an eventing trainer.  I was given the name of 2 people, from different sources, and left them messages.  NO ONE called me back???  I finally got a hold of eventing trainer last night (3x calling), said she doesn't travel to give lessons, roads aren't good for hauling in and basically she wasn't interested and I should try person X but didn't have their number.  She "feels bad about passing you off already, but it sounds like X would be better for you"  I didn't realize mid-Michigan's economy was so good that you could turn down new clients but I guess it is?  5 days later still haven't heard back from trainer #1 and can't find the number of person X in Google.  Even placed a CL ad without a response. 

I just need someone to nag me into riding better, doesn't anyone want to be paid to nag me lol! Hoping to find someone soon, I need a goal to work towards and a good nagging is a good incentive.


  1. Oh wow. That just doesn't sound right. I wouldn't train with her anyway after she said that! I hope you can find someone. I know how difficult it can be to find a trainer.

  2. Thanks, she really struck me as odd and the other trainer hasn't called me back after 5 days so I am dismissing her too. Hopefully will get some other suggestions on Thursday, keep fingers crossed!