Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Too little time in a day

So much happens on a daily basis I don't always know how I can keep it all straight.  Had to travel for work which left the other half to take care of the animals.  He did a really good job and I am very proud of the effort he put forth.  I may have came home to a house that looked slightly worse then when I left it, but everyone seemed happy and healthy and that is the best I can hope for during my first trip away.  I am very thankful for his help, he feeds sometimes to help out but mostly he helps me dump the poo from the poo trailer on the weekends.  After cleaning stalls I never really want to do that task but alas once per week it must be drug over the hill and he does it without complaining.  I am lucky.

Trying to find a better way to ride, the only options I am seeing is to get more hours in the day, hire someone or go to bed earlier.  I really don't want to go to bed earlier, I am already going to bed between 930 and 10p.  Any earlier and it will be like high school all over again but I am just tired when the alarm is going off at 5a so I am not crawling out of bed until 515 or 530 (like this AM).  That means I can't get dressed, feed and bring water/hay outside before 6a.  If not done by 6a then I don't have time to actually ride.  I have to be done riding/in barn by 7a to clean stalls so I have enough time to feed the other animals, eat something for breakfast and shower before I start work between 8 and 830.  Maybe I'll start riding bareback, that requires less work and I would naturally ride less.  Hmm, maybe I am onto something.... I really need to ride in order to have the boys (and myself!) ready for the show season.  How does everyone else do it?

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