Thursday, January 27, 2011

Love ya babe, but...

The morning started out pretty well.  I was able to get up with the alarm and not hit the snooze for a half hour so I fed the animals and rode the TWH.  Worked on some 2nd level lateral movements and the canter/walk transition.  Fixed the falling in on the shoulder that happens at the canter again (it keeps coming back, figures).  DH said goodbye, he was going to work.  Finish riding, cleaned stalls, put loaded hay nets in stalls, filled water and was ready for some breakfast!  I had only been working for 3 hours at this point.

Go to enter the garage and was denied, DH had locked the garage's side door we use to go to the barn.  Locked as in engaged the deadbolt. Called DH and complained he locked me out, was basically told "Love ya babe, but I can't leave work.  Break a door down".  Tried to break the side door, no luck. Tried to break through the patio door, no luck.  Probably could have made it but was afraid I would break the glass and wasn't willing to take that chance.   Looked for unlocked or unsecured windows, no luck.  How are we so damn secure?  Stupid us for changing the cheap locks for heavy Schlage deadbolt locks.  DH finally says I will have to break a window because he can't leave work.  After making the wise decision to not break my hand, I got a sledge hammer and broke the window on the side door on the garage.  Surprisingly, double paned tempered glass is really hard to break and makes a huge mess when it finally does.  45 minutes later I was able to eat breakfast and start my shift.  I am now one step closer to being a real burglar, cross that off my bucket list.


  1. Good grief!!! That sucks! That's why I leave one window unlocked lol. If a burglar were going to look that close he could just break in the window anyway so I figure why not? :)

  2. Agree, told DH that a key will now stay in the barn. He said I should just keep my keys on me, but it is impossible for me to lock myself out so there shouldn't be a reason for me to keep my keys on myself. Tomorrow a key gets a new home.