Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lesson cancelled, a blizzard hit and more shenanigans

Crap, I have been so bad.  Things have been insane here.  I have started a post 3 times.  THREE!!!  Alas, I have failed.  So let's try to mash some of this together.  I was supposed to have a lesson last weekend.  That was canceled due to super cold, they don't like to give lessons when it is 15 degrees out.  Hey, I ride until it is 10 out, they could have sucked it up..... hahaha!  In prep for the lesson, that was canceled, I actually did really good with riding.  Not that I can remember it all *sigh*.  Somewhere I have a short video too, maybe tomorrow I can upload it. I just don't have the energy to find and edit it right now.  Sorry.

We worked on shortening our reins (ahem....) and I even went so far as to tie a knot in my reins like a little fricken kid because for some reason I cannot stop giving them away.  And then I got to ride like that for all of 10 minutes before someone randomly showed up to the barn, scared me and needed someone to talk to.  Then the super freeze came and no riding.  Then the blizzard came and I have 30+ inches of snow and IT IS STILL SNOWING.  I spent almost 4 hours snow blowing today over 3 different time periods.  At 7a we had 10 inches of snow (?!) and it just kept piling up from there.  I am HOPEFUL that I don't have to snow blow yet again in the morning.  SO is out of state on business so it is just me and the damn snowblower is amazing but has broken 2 shear pins (at different times) and I didn't know where either was so it took longer than it should have (and a trip to YouTube) to diagnose and fix the issues.  Ugh.

Tomorrow I will try to head to the barn and see the horses for the last time before I go on vacation.  I hope to take a bunch of pictures as I am going to FL and will visit both Ocala AND Wellington. Woohoo!!  I don't expect to ride, I figure the arena will still be closed (storing the equipment in there so it isn't covered in, you know, 30+ inches of fricken snow) but I want to see their fuzzy faces.  Saturday I leave at 6a and won't be back until the following Sunday, I can't wait!  70-80 degrees here I fricken come!!

I have the Eventing Bingo story all written out and was even going to include it in this one but the post got really long and who wants to read that much text?  The story is posting in the morning, come back and see my submission!


  1. Snowblowers always break when SOs are out of town. It's like a rule or something.
    Have a great vacation!

  2. Ooh Florida - enjoy!! Also I can't wait to read your bingo story!!!! :D

  3. I've been working on riding with shorter reins all winter. SO HARD.

  4. Ugh, Hubby was like, "I want a snowmobile!" and I was like, you get a fucking snowmobile before you get a snowblower and I will end you. I hope you get to see the ponies before your trip!