Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Blog hop: What do you feed?

Eh, why not, I don't have a lot of stuff to write about (well, I do....I even have video! So let's say motivation to write about..) so let's do a quick blog hop.  Spotted Dressage asks What Do You Feed & Why?  I haven't read her much but I follow Amanda and it sounds like an interesting topic.  This has changed over the years, of course, but has stayed pretty consistent since we left Ohio.

App - 1994 App Gelding - Permanent retirement

  • 3 pounds Triple Crown Senior AM and PM
  • 1 tablet Equioxx/Previcox
  • 1 oz Buteless Pellets
  • 1oz MSM 
  • 1 scoop Cool Calories

Mia - 2007 App Mare - Competition horse/up and comer

  • 1.5 pounds Triple Crown Senior AM and PM
  • 1 oz Grand Hoof
  • 1 oz MSM

They also have a grass hay round bale in their turnout 24x7, which has kept App at a good weight and makes Mia pretty chunky.  Additional supplements?  App gets a monthly injection of Polyglycan ($$) and they both get bi monthly injections of Pentosan ($).  As the vet says, it's just money right?  Haha..Sobsobsob....  I do believe I see a difference so I keep them up.

Some things that change?  The brand of hoof supplement mostly, though I am really happy with Grand Hoof.  I have used several brands for Mia and her bad hoofs, the last being Uckele, and she has always had microcracks.  With the Grand Hoof, you can actually see all of the cracks stop in a line around her hooves from when I started her on Grand Hoof back in July.  I am going to stick with this one for another bucket!  I also add in a 2nd and 3rd weight supplement for App as needed, he got some Dumor Weight Builder and Max E Glo this past winter and beet pulp in Michigan.  Everything else has been pretty par for course for a while. What does everyone else feed?

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  1. They both look really good. I've been thinking of switching to cool calories. What do you think of it?