Monday, August 1, 2016

Quick update and helping others

Thankfully Mia is already feeling better, her snotty nose is already clearing up.  Yay!  We monitored her temperature since Thursday and it has gone consistently down and she is now in her "normal" 99.7 range.  So the risk of this turning into pneumonia is, thankfully, really small.  I am still waiting until Wednesday before deciding if I will do steroids or not, she still had her cough and I want to make sure it is gone before I write off the addition of steroids.  Woohoo!

Tonight I will go out and play with the ponies, chat with people at the barn (Because there will be PEOPLE there!!), prepare a few more days of SMZs and maybe walk Appy around.  Going to keep it low key because I am exhausted, 2 says in a row of getting apx 5 hours of sleep is not good when you are getting old!  My hope is to go to bed by 9p, so let's see if I can hit that goal.

Are you interested in helping a fellow blogger?  I mean, I don't have the mass following of most blogs.  I have on 31 (THIRTY ONE!!!) followers and what not, so not a whole lot of people, but hey, if just one person sees this here and nowhere else, maybe it would make a difference.  Emma at Fraidycat Eventing  is hosting a safety survey in horses.  If you were interested in taking it, she is offering an incentive of a chance at a $25 gift card to RidingWarehouse!  Hey, you never know, you could get free stuff for just taking about 4 minutes of your time.

Go to the survey:

I hope Emma gets the kind of data she is looking for, I have submitted my opinion in the name of SCIENCE.

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