Friday, August 19, 2016

Forward and relaxation only in theory

I thought I had posted an update but apparently not?  Or blogger ate it when I hit Post and it is no longer in drafts.  Whomp whomp :(  Mia is recovered from her breathing issue (though she coughed a few times last night, so I am paying attention) and man was she fired up when I rode on Monday.  It was so hard to contain that much energy, every time I asked for something she would fight, resist, get tense, anything but be soft and forward.  I started the ride asking for just a walk and it started well but after I asked for some trot, it all went downhill.  And of course I was riding in the snaffle, not the pelham, so she was yanking the reins out of my hands by pulling as hard as she could.  Sigh.  No worries mare, no matter what you are throwing at me, App has done worse.

Tuesday we rode inside due to rain and she was lovely.  She is obviously a little out of shape after her almost 3 week vacation but overall she was very nice.  Bendy?  Check!  Change of direction?  Check!  Rather soft?  Check!  We even played with our new canter.  Though it isn't where it was 3 weeks ago, she is trying (when I insist she does).  And I got some video!  I mean, it is just cell phone video, but it is video AND my PA internet is now fast enough to upload it.  Love!

As you see, the video shows she is pretty restricted in the canter, though to the left is much better.  With a little more power, lift and forward, we will be back to where we were 3 weeks ago.

To the right was not nearly as nice, especially in the canter.  She is very jammed up, as I am trying to get her to engage her hindquarters.  Instead, she is just shortening her stride.  At least in this clip.

For that ride, I actually rode in a County Fusion saddle, borrowed of course.  I am not really looking for a dressage saddle as I really like my Isabel, but I am open to trying others so I took the opportunity.  Thoughts?  It fit Mia well enough though it needed a rear riser.  I felt like it was putting my lower leg forward and tilting me back, which could be due to needing even more of a rear riser.  It was okay, not enough for me to want to change saddles.  I have been invited to ride in it more so I may take that opportunity cause, you know, why not?

Last night we rode outside and the weather was so good but Mia just could not focus.  She is in heat and she was obsessed with the mare in the field next to her pasture, she was focused on the pony that was participating in some back-to-school pics, she was worried about the flag panel jump that was leaning against the arena fence, she was certain I wanted her to leap forward and just refused to just relax.  I was able to get some walk/trot/canter that was decent enough to be a compromise before I decided, Fine.  If you have THIS much energy, why don't we just go ahead and do some fitness work. We cantered the trails and after a 4 minute canter set, she still had gas in the tank so we cantered (no gallops, use that booty) back up all of the hills before she was happy to just walk.  Geez mare.

Tonight is another dressage night to ensure we have a listening mare for tomorrow when we go xc schooling.  Apparently we are taking the truck/trailer of the other barn owner, which sucks for me because I have my trailer 100% set up for total independence.  Now I need to get a box and move my stuff into her trailer, ugh.  While I will be busy over the weekend, I should have time for a write up.  Let's see how it goes!


  1. ha sounds like she's feeling MUCH better after her time off - with plenty of energy to spare!

  2. She is so cute though. :)
    I find that Carmen is very easily distracted when in heat and a little more spooky. Keep up the good work though.