Thursday, August 11, 2016

Getting back to it

Last night marked a full 2 weeks since Mia was sick and she has recovered quite nicely.  On Monday she still had a small cough still so I didn't ride.  Tuesday I was going to hop on but there were a bunch of people at the barn (PEOPLE!!!) so I ended up chatting for about 90 minutes and did not ride.  Last night I went out and hopped on.  Hop on a fairly fit horse who hasn't been ridden in 2 full weeks and go on a trail ride in the snaffle bridle?  Eh, it's Mia.  It's all good.

We are going to ride???  Are you sure?
We started in the arena because I wanted to see what I had, breathing wise.  Mia did great at the walk and I focused on getting her to stretch forward and down to work her back muscles again.  At the trot she was also good, with not a throat tickle in sight, though she seemed to have "forgotten" what seat cues meant.  Uh, mare, that butt of mine is asking for you to stop trotting.  Stop trotting please.  It took several "reminders" but then we could walk/trot around with Mia stretching forward and down, without being totally on the forehand, and do down transitions with just my seat.  Win!

Haha!  Funny. There are no pony rides on spotted ponies
After we trotted on and off for about 15 minutes, without a single cough or snuffle I might add, we went on a trail ride.  We walked down the big hill towards the road and then took the steeper path back up the hill.  I made her walk and use her butt, I wanted to see if the extra work would make her cough.  Nope!

I then rode around with another boarder who has a new horse.  She is older, a fairly fearful rider, but does things I don't get.  For example she lunges in really small circles in all 4 corners of the arena "so there aren't surprises" when/if she gets on. She also would only ride if I stayed on my horse out with her.  *sigh*  Her horse kept walking off as soon as it halted, making it difficult for the her to adjust/swap the lunge line. When the boarder made a comment about it was annoying, I made a comment back that she should try making the horse stand still when it moved, instead of following the mare all over.  Boarder says "I don't want to be harsh with her, I just got her".  Uh....  I made the point that she was setting the precedent in this new relationship and if she says it is okay to walk around, the mare will.  It would likely be less confusing for the horse if she laid the ground rules now.  Boarder said that made a lot of sense and the mare seemed content to adhere to the new rules.  The horse was a good mare and was obviously bored, exactly what I think the boarder is looking for.
Oh, wait, cookies?  I can give pony rides for cookies.
I am super happy that Mia seems recovered and didn't require additional drugs.  The horses get their feet done on Friday and then all next week I am working on Mia's fitness as next weekend I am planning on going XC schooling offsite (!!).  It is yet another really busy weekend this weekend, I am about to tip into the "free weekend" category and I am really excited about it.  I sure am a busy person for still not knowing many people here in PA!


  1. Oh man, people who have to "be nice" to their horses. Horses like clear rules. You don't need to beat them, but you should not be soft either. I'm glad Mia's doing better.

  2. So glad she is feelin better ;)