Thursday, July 21, 2016

Saddle test #4

So I rode in the last saddle that has been offered to me, a CWD monoflap.  So my basic google searches says it is a SE09 (monoflap) with a moderately forward flap (2A) and a 17 inch seat.  It was a little wide for Mia but a sheepskin half pad made things fit well enough.  The saddle was too small for me but gave me an idea of what it feels like.
Pic for reference
First impression?  It was too small lol.  The front knee roll kept digging into my leg, as did the rear thigh roll.  It got better after I lengthened my leg.  The saddle felt really square, I felt like I was riding a soft, tall, square pillow that was perched atop my horse, I didn't feel very "into" my horse like I do with other saddles.  This could be due to the fact I had to use a half pad, it just felt odd.  Not sure.  I got used to it, it was just odd.  I am assuming the twist was wider than I am accustomed to which is why it felt so wide and square.

The leather was really grippy and it did a good job of not letting my leg swing around.  The digging into my leg via the rolls helped with that as well lol.  Over fences, again, my leg didn't MOVE and felt amazing.  I guess when you go from a fairly inexpensive Stubben to one that costs 4-5x more you should expect to feel a difference but I am just surprised at the amount of difference.

The saddle owner took it as an opportunity to watch me jump and even set some jumps up and directed us over them.  LOVE!!!!  She is really big on having a true dressage canter into the jump (which we are working on) and said I should let her go more after the jump bc she is being so good.  Lol.....well....the reason she is being so good is because I have been riding in the pelham for a week and she has been "educated" on more proper speeds over fences and in the canter.  I am stopping after jumps to instill into Mia that she should expect to stop and to continue should be abnormal so stop galloping.  The saddle owner really enjoyed watching us jump though and was really impressed with Mia.  No matter where she was put to a jump, she will go over it and will gladly drag us to fences, regardless of size.

This concludes the saddle tests for now, I think I will call a saddle rep or two to try some saddles out and go from there.  Unfortunately there seems to be no tack shops around here that sell used saddles (or new ones for that matter) so I need to find one and go internet shopping.  Here's to hoping I can have some trials.  Right now I am leaning towards the Innovation, though I haven't found a single black Innovation out there.  If you hear of anything, let me know!

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