Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Saddle test #3 and some jumping around

4 off the floor!
Saddle #3 was short lived, it fit Mia pretty well but I didn't like it, it didn't seem to fit me very well.  My legs were too long but when I shortened the stirrups, I was out of balance.  I jumped a little crossrail and while it was okay enough, I didn't like the balance and I didn't feel as secure as I did with the Innovation and CWD or my Stubben.  Off it went back to the tack room, I didn't even take time to grab a pic of the model.  (I need to do that for reference....)

Boring warmup over baby fences that were already set up
I threw my Stubben on went jump schooling, I have to say I am loving having the pelham.  When Mia doesn't come right back, I can lightly apply the curb rein and she will immediately come back and within seconds she is back where she needs to be without yanking on me.  So much win!  AND since I have my normal snaffle rein, I can ride and not dull her to the new aid.  Yay!

I don't have a lot of time to type out my entire ride but I DO have media.  I am sure that makes up for it.
Now my new favorite picture of us
Thoughts on the ride?  Mia was fantastic.  She was speedy a few times and the pelham brought her right back.  She didn't spook or refuse a single thing, in fact, she did a great job of dragging us to the fence.  It was the first time I jumped with people from the barn which was awesome, though it was more like I jump and they walk around with me.  Hey, I will take it.  SO was taking pics and I had some bonding time with barn people

Our attempt at a "thru the ears" pic.  Would would be great,
if Mia wouldn't fight so hard and swing her head over the jumps lol
The one jump I was so proud of was my new favorite jump pic.  Mia was fantastic.  It is by far the biggest XC jump we have ever jumped and it is in the "front" of the barn on the trails.  We have never trotted up/by it during the trail/condition rides as I didn't want Mia trying to go over it without my wearing my vest but I was ready this time. I pointed her to it, gave her a little boot to increase speed and Mia just drug us to it.  Absolutely drug us with afterburners on.
Trying to slow Ms Speedy down, good example of rein handling
The ladies from the barn said I really need to SLOW her down (lol a theme over everything) and I got her into a dressage canter for the 2nd attempt and Mia jumped it much better.  They said it is a good thing that she bolts towards the jump for the last few strides, she is really shifting her power to the rear and bringing her hocks under herself to jump and I shouldn't discourage it too much.  Makes sense, just need to take care of the bolting after the jump issue.  Baby steps right?
Did you notice something?  I got with "the times" and
am wearing a Kastel sun shirt to be fashionable :)
Up next is the last saddle to try out and then I have to search for more saddles to try.  I am excited to see how it goes!  


  1. Greta jumping pictures. You guys are looking great.

  2. That looks like so much fun.

  3. you guys look fantastic over that giant log!!!!