Saturday, July 16, 2016

Saddle test #1

So that happened faster than I expected, one of the barn owners offered me to ride in her saddle to try it out after I told her I was passively saddle shopping.  Since I want to remember all the opinions about the ride for when I actually plunk some cash down, you get to read about it.  Or skip it, your choice.  C has a Country Innovation and an Ovation.  For this ride, I tried the Innovation.  It didn't sit on Mia very well and we had to put a fairly significant rear riser on it, but it seemed to fit her withers well enough.  I put it on top of a big fluffy sheepskin pad to try to even out any fit issues and went out to the arena.
Flap captured for my future reference
The stirrups felt okay enough but my lower leg was swinging at the canter and when I popped over a crossrail.  I shortened the stirrups to the very top, 2 holes, and it made a big difference, my leg seemed much quieter and secure.  It was pretty easy to sit in two point in both the canter and trot, though I felt like I was leaning too far forward at times.  I definitely want to try riding in it again when I have someone to take some pics for me to evaluate.  I want to see if it is a balance issue or if it is the saddle.

The over fence work seemed so much....easier.  I have had my beloved Stubben VSS since 2003 and it was 100 times better than the all purpose/no purpose I had originally.  It gives me a pretty decent position and it allows me to move and what not.  And when you don't have anything to compare it to, it works just fine.  But the just made it easier.  I didn't have to fight to keep my heel down or leg in place.  And I didn't move.  At all.  When I then went to the outside of the arena and jumped the 2 coups into the arena...omg.  OMG.  The feeling was amazing.  It felt so natural and comfortable.  Mia, of course, was thrilled to go over real fences after days of dressage and once she realized we were going for the jumps, I don't know if I could have possibly stopped her.  HA!  The girl loves to jump, what can I say.  The feeling over those fences though, I was so balanced and secure.  Really wish I had pictures, it is something I definitely want to have again.

So my first saddle test was a huge success.  I have access to 2 CWDs and an Ovation to try as well.  The saddles are pretty pricey, which sucks, but they are within the high end of the budget so I don't have to cross it out.  There is apparently a County rep semi-close to find the saddle type best for Mia and also an independent saddle fitter who is in his 70's, but has done fittings for olympian horses for a long time.  So I do have options when I am ready to pick one.  I can say though, this Innovation has impressed me.  So we will see, now I just have to try to find one in black in addition to the size and width.  Because in a perfect world, I would rather not have to buy ALL new tack.  Everything I have is black, all bridles, girths, breastplates and martingales are black.  But we will see.  Anyone selling one?!?

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  1. When you're saddle shopping, the best thing you can do is sit in a bunch!