Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Good and bad

I write this while laying on the couch on some impressive drugs so I apologize in advance if it isn't completely coherant.  But let's talk about the good first.

Last night I jumped the App again in preperation for our show and I am happy.  He is jumping nicely and my position is much improved over yesterday.  I didn't fall behind the motion or lose my balance a single time and had an enjoyable ride.  I even jumped without stirrups and was much, much more secure this time around.  My plan was to jump tonight, ride dressage Thursday and Friday and go cross country schooling on Saturday. 

RB4 also brought her horse out to ride and he displayed the behavior I expected.  He was inconsistent and didn't listen when she tried to lunge him, he didn't show any respect on the ground and he wouldn't move away from any pressure on the ground unless you shoved him over.  She tried lunging him for about 15 mins before she decided she wouldn't ride him and would try another day.  I offered to ride him for a little bit and she agreed.  He doesn't stand for mounting and counterbends without any balance.  But I rode him at a walk and trot with success and no real fuss.  He has a stubborn streak and when he decides to stop the only way I could get him to go on was with a jab from the spurs I had on since I was riding the App.  At the end I was able to get her to ride him for a few minutes, she said she would come back out and would bring more confidence next time.  I hope I can help her ride him or sell him and get another horse she is comfortable with.

This morning I brought the donkey out and the boarder horse started throwing a fit.  I brought the other two boys out and planned on waiting for him to settle for a few moments before I brought him outside.  After a few mins he seemed calmer so I started to his stall and he started pawing violently, banging loudly on my gate.  I lunged towards him to get him to quit and felt something, almost like something bumped up against my leg.  Except there was instant pain and I almost fell over, thankfully I had a close wall and only one hand went on the ground.  I hobbled painfully over to the gelding and put his halter on, grabbed the dressage whip and hobbled him out to the pasture.  As I came inside, the pain brought me to tears a couple of times. 
SO insisted I go to the ER and I have sprained/torn muscle fibers in my calf.  I am on crutches for at least 2 days and I need to keep trying to flex my foot to stretch my calf muscles.  I can only "comfortably" walk on the ball of my foot, I am currently unable to step on my heel right now.  So much for my horse show, I am super crushed as I was really, really looking forward to this show as I love cross country.  On the plus side my instructor has agreed to ride the App on Saturday for cross country schooling and again during the show so at least I am not loosing my entry fees.  Hopefully I can start walking again tomorrow, I feel almost helpless and hate having to rely on others to get my chores done.  As a very indepenent person I hate this feeling.


  1. Sorry I'm so far behind. I will be back to catch up I promise. I just wanted to say you asked a lot of wonderful questions! I look forward to answering them. :)

  2. Oh wow!! That totally sucks!! It never fails this crap happens when you're looking forward to something exciting. I'm sorry you can't ride in the show. I hope you heal up quickly and feel better soon.