Monday, May 21, 2012

Confirmed. 2012 does hate me.

This is just not my year.  While I am not super careful and get bumps and bruises quite regularly, I don't actually hurt myself or get sick often at all.  This is why I think 2012 has it in for me.  First the New Years Eve stitches, then the torn calf muscle, then the bronchitis/pneumonia and now a nice puncture to my thigh.  Ugh.

So this past weekend was supposed to be the second Horse Camp of 2012 with my younger students.  One had to bow out last week and then Friday afternoon the other once cancelled due to a family emergency.  Thus I had no lessons nor horse camp this past weekend.  As a result, SO felt he had to find ways to fill my day so we drove about 40 mins to his cousin's in-laws and we picked up some wood that had been cut by the power company.  I was still wheezing and coughing my way through the day but I wanted to help so I stood on a landscape timber and hopped into the truck bed so I could stack things.  At least I tried to.  My jeans caught a metal tab on the tailgate, stopping me mid-air and bringing me back to the ground.  There was a bit of pain and a small rip as it tore my jeans.  I gimped around for a little bit before I noticed blood, I checked and I had a nice inch long gash that is about a quarter of an inch deep on the back of my thigh.

I borrowed a Band-Aid and some Neosporin, cleaned it up and bandaged myself up.  When I got home I tried to butterfly stitch it together.  When it wouldn't stay, I cut some of the flappy skin off (how I can do that without an issue but sticking needles in myself brings me to my knees leaves me baffled), doused it in alcohol and bandaged it back up.  It is still quite tender to even have pressure on and it is heavily bruised but it doesn't appear infected.  I am also continuing to take the antibiotics I was taking for my breathing in hopes any infection doesn't get started or will be quickly killed.  It will be fun when I try to ride tonight, we will see how it goes.

On the flip side, Saturday may have been pretty bad in terms of my respiratory health but Sunday was a turning point.  When I awoke on Sunday I felt the heaviness had moved from my head and chest down into just my chest.  I can now breathe!!  It doesn't hurt to take a breath and I am not asthmatic after doing small tasks.  I am also now coughing up phlegm but that is an acceptable symptom compared to what I have been having.  This morning I am coughing but it is a dry cough and I feel back to about 90%.

Once my  leg finally heals up, this cut heals and my respiratory issues go away I may finally be able to enjoy 2012 again.  Hopefully this is the worst I will get this year, I have certainly dealt with 200% more sickness and injury this year than any year prior I can remember.

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  1. Doesn't it make you wonder when you get stuck in an illness and injury rut or some other kind of rut? It's hard not to ask why. My husband has been coughing violently for six weeks now and refuses to go to a doctor. It turns out that his new job won't enroll us for health insurance until June. I guess that means I have to stay away from the horses until then. I hope you are on the mend.