Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gimpy takes a break

In the grand scheme of things, nothing is really going on.  I do, however, want to say just how proud I am that my friends and SO are stepping up and helping me with normal chores and refusing to let me do it all. Since that is the type of person I am.  I also think SO is getting a new appreciation of how much I actually do in terms of both the house and the horses.  He is helping out wonderfully.  He is cleaning half of the stalls (the easy half, but half none the less), he is dumping our poo box, he is cleaning the arena, he filled the water trough and he even fluffed bedding last night.  It is awesome having this kind of help and I really appreciate it.

Sunday was a good day.  I had my show, I hobbled around without my crutch most of the day and only had drugs in the morning.  Monday was stiff in the morning so I took my drugs but I hobbled around without my crutch the last half of the day and things were looking pretty nice.  Tuesday, however, I have paid dearly for it.  On Tuesday I regressed to not being able to walk at all and at one point even grabbed the second crutch.  I took my drugs, sat down and tried to relax as much as possible.  Today is a bit better, I am able to kind of hobble around without my crutch though it does make life easier to have it.  I am having a hard time extending my heel to the ground again so I am walking like I have a 2-3" heel on one foot. 

Bruising from mid calf all the way down
As a result I am taking it easy.  I am not going to keep pushing myself and am going to try to accept the help.  I filled all of the hay nets and turned everyone out but only cleaned 2 stalls this morning.  I am not going to try to push the wheelbarrow up the ramp to dump it into the poo box, I will wait for SO 0to do it for me.  I am going to spend most of my day sitting down and I plan on going to bed at 9a to catch up on some much needed sleep.  I am going to just take a break for another day or two.

Bruising goes clear down to the arch of the foot
How does a torn muscle feel after a week you ask?  Not too great.  The worst pain is the section right below the back of my knee.  If I could get that to stretch out I think things would be better but it is tender to even touch.  I have significant bruising all down the back side of my calf that extends down to the arch of my foot.  I have found Tylenol Precise cream does not "block pain receptors", or at least these ones, and does not help.  A heat pack helps some but then the pain comes back even worse when the area cools down.  An ice pack doesn't help either so I just grin, bear it and try to stretch it out as much as I can.  Maybe I can ride by this weekend :(

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  1. That sucks! Sorry you're still having pain and problems with your leg. The pictures of the bruise look excruciating!! Ouch!