Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Picture time! Sinatra's feet pre and post trim

So here are pictures of Sinatra!
Hey all!  Haven't seen you in a while
Don't mind my face, Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Balls are messy but FUN!
Actually this is over Sinatra's feet.  I have been using a barefoot trimmer for over a year now, while I don't love him like I loved my farrier in Ohio (who was not barefoot but a very well educated BWFA farrier) he does a pretty good job.  I do nit pick, micro manage and have him fix things.  The before shots are at 7 weeks, to the day, from his last trim.  I am hoping to get feedback from people who are more knowledgeable on barefoot care.  Any feedback appreciated!!!

Before pics, right front
Before, right front, front view
Before, right front, heel view
Before, right front, side view
Before, right front, sole view
After pics, right front
After, front feet, front view
After, right front, heel
After, right front, side
After, right front, sole
Before pics, left front
Before, left front, front
Before, left front, heel
Before, left front, side
Before, left front, sole
After pics, left front
After, left front, front
After, left front, heel
After, left front, side
After, left front, sole
Before pics, right hind
Before, right hind, heel
Before, right hind, sole
After pics, right hind
After, right hind, front
After, right hind, heel
After, right hind, side
After, right hind, sole
Before pics, left hind
Before, left hind, heel
Before, left hind, side
Before, left hind, sole
After pics, left hind
After, left hind, front
After, left hind, heel
After, left hind, side
After, left hind, sole
Hopefully all of the pictures weren't too boring, I am just hoping for some feedback.  I am still pretty new to the the barefoot road, or rather the CORRECT barefoot road, and want to see if how I am directing the feet to be trimmed is correct.  Thanks in advance!!

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  1. I wish I knew enough to give feedback. On the first hoof on the after heel view I thought the heels looks very unbalanced, but I think it was the camera angle. When taking the heel shots make sure it's lined up perfectly or it's impossible to tell if one heel is longer than the other. Way harder to do than it sounds lol. I have trouble with that one too. Also you can take a picture of the heels with the hoof on the ground (just don't get stepped on lol). That's a much easier way to see heel height to me. Sorry I couldn't give hoof advice. He looks good to me though!