Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Eve unfun - non-horse related

The new year has come and gone without too much drama, welcome 2012 and I hope you bring good things this way!  There are a lot of things to do this year, both with the horses and with the property and I hope we can get some of them done.  Sometimes it seems hopeless but then you look back at what we have done in this past year and it is pretty astounding so it gives me renewed hope.

New Years Eve wouldn't even have been worth mentioning if it didn't include a trip to Urgent Care.  Except it did and this extremely needle phobic gal had to be stuck six times.  What happened?  I had RB3 and her SO over for games and company for NYE, we fed all of the animals and sat down to dinner.  We were finishing dessert when I saw one of my indoor cats had Houdini'ed himself out of the bedroom he was locked in for dinner (as everyone will eat his food since he eats slowly, he also likes to bully one of the other cats while they try to eat) and was currently staring down the grey cat that he loves to bother.  I said "Arimus, what are you doing out?", walked over and picked him up.  Obviously I startled him and he thought I was one of the dogs because he twisted around, hissed and let a claw fly and it swiped my face.  I tried pinning him to the ground to grab his scruff but he was able to run away.  I started after him, to remind him that was NOT an acceptable response, when I heard "Is that blood?!?!  You are bleeding everywhere!!"  Turns out his swipe caught my lower lip and a half inch strip was hanging off.

I tried to convince them I would be fine, as after seeing it I knew it would need stitches and I don't like needles, but everyone insisted that I HAD to go to the ER and they forced me to go by putting on their coats and refusing to sit back down.  I was able to make it a little better by at least finding an urgent care that was open at 9p at night on New Years Eve in my sparse area, I wanted to be home by midnight dang it!  It was a 30 minute drive but it was worth it.  On the way RB3 asked what was I going to do with the cat.  I figure it was obvious I startled him and he thought I was a dog.  Once he realized his error he tried desperately to get away because he knew he crossed a line.  In our brief struggle he didn't offer to scratch or bite a second time, something he could have easily done multiple times, so I am not going to do anything.  I am looking at it as an accident.  SO doesn't agree but his opinion doesn't matter.  If the cat does it again though, we may revisit the situation.

The Urgent Care was thankfully pretty empty with only one other person being seen and I was brought back very quickly.  They gave me a shot in my lower lip/gum to numb my lip though after 45 mins it was still not numb.  They then broke out the "big guns" and stuck me in the wound 4 times to make it would numb and then proceeded to give me 3 stitches.  Plus a tetanus shot.  We won't go into the hysterics that were involved as they had to convince me to accept these stickings.

As someone who has never, ever had stitches until now, I can say I was impressed.  Once they finally numbed the lip, I didn't feel them sewing at all.  I did feel the thread but it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected.  The doctor was in good humor and did a good job, even though I was his last patient of the night and he wanted to go home as badly as I did.  The nurse was also very nice and was in very good spirits, though she found me much more amusing than I did her.  She tried to sneak the tetanus shot on me and I came off of the table saying "This relationship is moving much, much too fast.  Let's slow down for a bit!".  She doubled over giggling, but you can't sneak that kind of stuff on a person!

The stitches should fall out in the next few days and I am ready for my lip to stop exfoliating.  Nothing is more irritating than having a large chunk of hard, dead skin peeling off of your lip where your top lip and tongue touches it all the time.  I have pulled one offending chunk off today with tweezers and am waiting for another to come loose.  I am also on 2 different antibiotics for a full week.  Hope your NYE wasn't nearly as exciting as mine.  Thankfully we got home at 11p and spent the rest of NYE playing the game Apples to Apples and it was quite uneventful.

Did I mention I just realized I have now been blogging for over a year?  Plus I have over 100 posts done and I didn't notice?  Congrats to me!


  1. Yikes! Sorry about the boo-boo. Definitely not how you expected to spend your New Years Eve. Now my lip is hurting after reading your post. Sympathy pains.

  2. Cool I got the Apple to Apples game for Christmas. :D

    I'm sorry you got hurt. That does totally suck, but I'm glad it wasn't as traumatic as it could have been. I'm a totally doctor, needle, hospital phobic to so I totally understand. In fact I'm a bit nauseous just reading about it. Glad you're okay!

    Also congrats on blogging over a year and 100 posts! That's awesome!