Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lesson taking fail

So I failed at riding the TWH enough to get him ready for a lesson the first week of January.  Or the second week.  I am now aiming for the fourth week.  I really, truly hate that I have become one of "those" people, who has horses at home and doesn't ride them.  I never thought I would become what I am and it makes it worse that I have an indoor arena to ride whenever I would like.  I can't even blame the weather (mostly).  I do place most of the blame on my working from home and the fact I don't like being by myself when there are people I could be around.  If SO worked outside while I rode I don't think I would have this issue but he doesn't so I don't end up riding so I can be around a person at night.  Ugh.

To make things worse, RB1 had emailed me about riding last month and we were going to ride starting in January.  She then emailed me the first week of January letting me know the back problems she has been having has put her on a permanent sideline and she is not supposed to ride.  Ever again.  She will sneak in a quick trail ride every now and again however the doctors tell her it just isn't possible anymore.  If nothing else I guess the App will be happy he doesn't have to do dressage every time he is ridden.  RB3 likes to come out but really doesn't like riding in the arena and will either not ride or will walk along the wall for 90% of the ride.  While I do take advantage and ride at that time, it doesn't help keep the other horse in shape.  I really wish I knew someone here in MI that wanted to ride regularly.

What have I been doing instead of riding?  Well, I got my last 100 bales of hay for the season, I stripped the donkey's stall and now everyone has the pelleted bedding, I have been giving riding lessons two or three times a week, having RB3 visit 2 times a week and taking care of the place by myself while SO is out of town (every weekend this month and he will be out of town all next week too).  We also got another dog and I have been working on interacting with her (she loves to play fetch or run around with a stick) and trying to keep the peace with our extremely jealous dog, killing mice because our indoor cats wont', discovering the dead animals my outside cats bring and dealing with snow and cold.

I really need to put riding as a higher priority.  Next week will be easy, as I will be here by myself at night with nothing else to do, here's to hoping I get my butt in gear.

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  1. I can TOTALLY relate!! I'm one of those people who hates to be alone too. I often pass up the things I really want to do, only to do something I don't really want to do simply because I have company doing it. Sucks lol. Since my husband used to work a lot I did get a bit better about doing things on my own, so I do go out and mess with the horses alone, but I always beg him to go with me before I resign myself to it lol. I wish I lived near you. I'd be over there all the time. :D