Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Who's ready for a Rolex Media dump? Part 2 - Videos of XC!

So yeah, I may have taken a lot of videos.  

But that means I was doing it for you, my followers
Andrea Baxter - Indy 500
Boyd Martin - Steady Eddie
Buck Davidson - Petite Flower
Sarah Cousins - Tsunami
Madeline Backus
Bunnie Sexton - Rise Aagainst
Clark Montgomery - Loughan Glen - Where he lost 1st place :(

Lisa Marie Fergusson - Honor Me
I enjoyed watching the corner jumps, it is where we ended the day
And of course Michael Jung
James Alliston - Parker
Jessica Phoenix - A Little Romance
Philip Dutton - I'm Sew Ready
Joe Meyer - Clip Clop
Joe Meyer - Clip Clop
William Coleman III - Obos OReilly
Katie Ruppel - Houdini
Be warned, this one has a fall
Buck Davidson - Park Trader
Boyd Martin - Cracker Jack
Katie Rupel - Houdini
Courtney Cooper - Whos a Star
Lillian Heard - Share Option

Be warned - This one has a fall
Allie Sacksen - Nio

I so enjoyed Rolex and got great views of the action.  It is also my 3rd Rolex, and the first in which I saw people fall off.  Thankfully no one was seriously hurt, I can't believe I hadn't seen people come off (well on the replays, but not in front of me).  Can't wait until next year, cause I am already planning on going!

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  1. omg so many videos haha, looks like you saw a lot of action!!! jealous also that you got so much better weather than when i was there (and it was pouring too much to risk my phone, alas)

    fwiw i use microsoft movie maker (free) to combine clips into a single video for streamlined viewing