Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Who's ready for a Rolex Media dump? Part 1 - PICS!

I hope it is you, because I actually went through the trouble of creating a YouTube account so everyone can see the videos!  Since, you know, apparently you can't see videos when they are uploaded into Blogger.  So this is pretty pic heavy, videos in the next post :)

1st part of dressage

Enjoying the shade of covered stadium

But then had to get up close and personal

My fav
Did anyone else go to the Champions Live seminar?  I did!
Hi Wofford, peeking around Philip there :)

Go go go!
Buck Davidson - Petite Flower

Ellen Doughty-Hume - Sir Oberon

Philip Dutton 

Maxime Livio - Qalao Des Mers

Michael Yung - fischerRocana FST

Michael Yung - fischerRocana FST

Michael Yung - fischerRocana FST
Seriously, our stadium seating was THE BEST.  Even if the sun made for hazy pics of it.   What a  great weekend indeed.  And I got a lot of video, like a LOT of video.  So I am breaking it up into two posts, never fear though because I am posting them BACK TO BACK!

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