Monday, April 18, 2016

The new life

Short updates because...well...busy.  Better than no updates!

Things are going pretty well here in PA.  We have our house about 75% unpacked.  We FINALLY got my home office set up, which is important since I work from home.  For almost 2 weeks I worked on a folding table with milk crates.  I now have an actual desk.
My temporary desk.  Snazzy huh?  You are totally jealous.
This past weekend we did all of the maintenance that was delayed due to the move.  Every fluid and filter was changed in the small tractor (that we brought from MI).  We changed the oil and rotated the tires in the truck.  We painted the inside of the car trailer.  We sold the stove that came with the PA house and moved our stove in.  So much done.
New office! carpet.   Blech.
All has been going well in the horse front.  Fairly well anyway.  Mia is going pretty well under saddle.  Last weekend I rode with some people at the barn and Mia was able to actually be a decent mare.  Woohoo!  She is bobbing her head up and down in contact again, I may swap her bit out again and see if it makes a difference.  Ugh picky mare.  We have started some fitness and Mia is nice and sweaty after two 5 min trot/3 minute canter sets.  It is a work in progress.  I can't say I am even close to being better.  I can be in two point about 3 minutes.  Ha!  I need to make it back up to 5 mins before I can even consider going to a show.
Some free lunging.  Can't say she doesn't have suspension!
We jumped some small things last week.  Mia started out really bad, forgetting everything she knew about jumping.  Rushing to the jump?  Check.  Bolting after the jump?  Check.  Head to the ground?  Check.  Grr.  I was able to fix them eventually and we ended on a good note.  Because, no mare, we will not act like that.  Thursday we did some free lunging because, in all honesty, after a day of fitness and then a day of jumping, I was a bit too sore to ride.  Ha!  Working on it, fitness work in the future!
Girl got some reach, love how much she is stepping under
App is set to go to New Jersey on Thursday for further diagnosis on his lameness issues.  Hopefully we can get some answers and the solutions aren't too bad.  He has now also come up lame in his right hind, though I can't find exactly where it is coming from.  He has developed thrush in all 4 feet so I am treating that aggressively, gosh my poor old man is just falling apart.
Nice hock action
So that is the quick recap.  Super duper busy with not a lot of down time.  My "downtime" usually includes unpacking boxes and getting things moved, removed, and moved again lol.  The biggest knock my new house has is a significant lack of closets.  The downstairs has a total of 2 closets.  One as a pantry and one as the only coat closet.  I have no place to put the vacuum for instance!  Or dog/cat food.  Ugh.  We bought a big floor cabinet and put it up this weekend so we can move the "pantry" to the cabinet, I am not sure where the vacuum will go yet but it at least is a step in organization.  Any suggestions, what the heck do people do without closets??

So...yeah...that is the scatterbrained, no real time to make an organized post, post.  I should have some time on Thursday after the vet visit, keep your fingers crossed for App!


  1. Yay for Mia settling in and being a good girl!!! Good luck unpacking all the rest of your stuff!!

  2. If it makes you feel any better, most houses in Germany have no built-in closets ;)

  3. Fingers crossed for App. I hope he's okay and that it's an easy fix. Poor guy.

    I'm glad Mia figured things out. It's not unusual for them to be kind of out of it after a move.

    Small updates are definitely better than none!!