Friday, April 8, 2016

Relocation part 2

On Saturday we rested and relaxed, we bought a couch and loveseat (we sold ours in Michigan), we drove around a lot and then visited the horses.  Mia seemed no worse for wear but App was very sore.  Apparently pushing himself against the back of the trailer for who knows how long makes one's ass sore.  LOL!  He did it to himself, I can't feel that badly.  He was extremely tender for grooming and wanted no part of grooming past his hip.  I gave him another bute and let him just relax.  The horses seemed pretty happy and the manager said they enjoyed my horses, they were easy to handle.  Nice!  Love hearing that about your children!

On Sunday S, SO and I drove all the way back to MI and started the grueling process of moving out.  We packed up the little tractor, refrigerator, stove and everything else and thankfully it all fit in the car trailer.  We said goodbye to our friends and shoved off at 1015a on Tuesday after a final walkthrough.  The drive was thankfully uneventful and a good 11 hours later we arrived at our destination, PA!  We spent Wednesday and Thursday unpacking the trailer and trying to put things back together.  We bought a washer and dryer (also sold in MI, we needed to sell a bunch so it would all fit on the trailer!) and visited the horses.  There were 2 people riding in the outdoor on Thursday and invited me to join.  Uh, okay!  I couldn't find my girths so I threw my bareback pad on.  I've been riding bareback all winter, no biggie right?

Mia could not horse.  It was embarrassing, she would alternate between trying to rear and trying to bolt.  Even at the walk.  Ugh!  The two nice ladies left the arena after about 10 mins and I took the opportunity to throw Mia on the lunge line.  I mean, we have made an EXCELLENT first impression, can only get better right!  Mia GALLOPED for 5 minutes straight.  Full on gallop with full bucks.  Nice.  I had a hard time getting her stopped too.  Ugh mare.  After we changed directions, she was very fast in the canter but at least it wasn't a gallop.  After some transitions where she seemed to think again, I hopped back up.  Mia was much better, relatively speaking at least.  She wasn't trying to rear or bolt but she certainly wasn't relaxed or listening.  We worked on walk/trot/walk transitions and called it a day.  I mean, my mare was a super sweaty mess, why not!  Ugh!
Cannot horse today

Zooms?  We gots em!

Friday I hurt my back and didn't even go to the barn.  Saturday we unloaded the trailer and brought my stuff to the house (note, it is all still in the van, unpacked lol) so I could start resorting and storing it.  Sunday I rode in the indoor with another boarder.  Mia was VERY forward, with a huge case of the zooms, but was manageable at least.  The boarder said she likes Mia's movement, she is very flashy.  Aww :)  I groomed App and he decided to drop ALL of his hair at once.  The pile of hair that came off of him was very large, 2 full pitchfork scoops plus 2 small scoops.  Thanks horse lol.
Tired trots

Last night I went out for my first day of my "new normal".  I will be riding Mon/Tues/Weds nights plus weekends and the occasional Thurs or Friday.  I had hoped there would be more people out at night but I had the ring to myself until I was almost done, a boarder showed up to free lunge her gelding.  Oh well, it is only day one I said to myself.  I rode Mia first and she was AWESOME.  I really wish there had been someone there for some video or to at least see it, she is obviously out of shape and not feeling the "full workout" yet, but she was very nice to ride.  At the end of our ride, I was able to get crisp, clean trot/canter transitions that were balanced and at a speed I asked for.  WOOHOO!  Apparently it took longer for Mia's brain to travel from Michigan than expected.  I am looking forward to working her, I think she will slide back into work pretty easily.
Let's go REAL slow so we can have some control
I rode App as well, he isn't doing so great.  His shoulder is really bothering him still, despite the steroid injections.  I am going to have to have a vet out and see what they can guess.  I did ride him though, as he needs more muscle and stamina, and he was the horse I loved.  He can either be Captain Asshole or Mr Awesome and Mr Awesome showed up last night.  Bareback, in Mia's bridle (which is too big), in a brand new arena, in a brand new state and he walked around like it was old news.  No spooking, no antics and went right to work with everything I asked him to do.  Love him (most times lol)!
Mr Awesome making an appearance
So now you are caught up, it has been a really crazy 2 weeks and I am glad it is over.  The amount of stress reduction is amazing, it took days, DAYS for my brain to realize I didn't have a bunch of stuff waiting on me back in MI.  In another week, I think things will be settled and hopefully a great routine will be developed.  Thanks for joining me on this crazy ride!
Mia being awesome, finally.


  1. Poor App. I hope you can figure out what is going on with his shoulder. That's so frustrating. Give him a hug for me please.

    I'm glad Mia finally found her brain. My horses were nutcases after we moved... I guess the total change in scenery just does something to them for a while. She settled much faster than mine did lol. I hope you have tons of fun riding and enjoy boarding again. I also hope your back is all better and doesn't give you anymore trouble. I hate back problems...

  2. I remember how stressed I was relocating all our stuff and animals up here, and it was only a five hour drive with the trailer. Hopefully you guys settle in soon enough!

  3. Phew you must be SO RELIEVED to finally be on the other side!! Hope you settle in well and easily!