Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What you find when you clean and organize for a move

One of the good things about moving, especially long distance, is that it gives you a chance to go through things and reduce your inventory.  When we moved to MI, I had been saving stuff up for YEARS in anticipation of having my own barn.  And then the buying onslaught that happened after the move.  Buckets?  I had plenty of buckets.  A literal stack of them!  Rubber buckets, plastic buckets, corner buckets, small buckets, big buckets, I haven't had to buy a single bucket in the entire 5.5 years of living here.  If that gives you any idea the kind of person I am lol.  Yeah I am a self admitted Tack Ho, I display my badge proudly.

That said, the reduction in inventory has been pretty dramatic. The yard sale we had last year netted us over $1500 and we didn't even sell many things over $100.  Hell, most stuff was under $20.  What I have now?  I have 3 heated buckets, one for each horse and a backup.  I mean, I had 7, having 3 is an improvement.  I have 4 plastic buckets, 1 for each horse and 2 for shows.  I have 2 tack hooks, down from 8 or 9.  Blah blah blah.  So much reduction.  Why is this blog worthy?  Well, back when I got Mia, I had to buy things.  So I bought things and now, as I have sold TWH, I have only 2 horses again.  I thought I had downsized.  Well......

In cleaning out my tack trucks over the weekend for the move, I found I still had a lot of stuff.  Do I need 2 fitted coolers, 2 square coolers and a quarter sheet for 2 horses?  Well, yes, but no I really don't.  Sold a fitted and square cooler.  Do I need 10 blankets for 2 horses?  Well, yes, but no I really don't.  Grrr.  Now have 3 blankets for App and 3 for Mia. And Mia doesn't even need a blanket lol.  Do I need 5 show bridles for one show horse?  WELL OF COURSE!!!  But no, I really don't. I could only bring myself to sell one though lol.  Sold it to K for TWH.  I mean, it was his bridle anyway.  Do I need 4 pairs of clippers that are all basically the same?  Probably not.  Again though, I could only part with one and K is giving it a new home.

After my reorganizing, I can now successfully fit ALL of my tack in my 5 tack trunks and they all shut!  Woohoo!  That is a huge improvement.  I have a small pile of stuff left to sell, so not bad. And no, we are NOT counting saddle pads.  Don't you dare try.  Yesterday I focused my efforts on my show clothes.  Last year I got fed up with my subpar show clothes and started buying better stuff.  I have gotten some scorching hot deals on things and will look awesome this year.  The issue is apparently I lost track lol.  I sort of ended up with 3 pairs of show jumping breeches, 7 pairs of dressage breeches, 6 dressage shirts, a lone h/j shirt and my eventing shirt.  Plus 3 show jackets. That is only my show clothes.  Uh.....opps?

So I have reluctantly pulled 3 pairs of dressage breeches,1 pair of show jumping breeches and 3 show shirts out of the mix.  I have 2 brand new pairs of dressage breeches (Trainers Choice and Kerrits) and 1 George Schumacher dressage breeches I am keeping plus the ones I ended my show season in last year.  Now I have 2 show jumping breeches (Smartpak and ROMFH), 4 dressage shirts (though I will likely reduce this down by 1 or 2 more) and my 3 show coats.  I don't really need 3 but NEED ALL THINGS!  The 3rd coat?  I am super DUPER excited over.  Like OMG I CAN'T WAIT excited.  I basically STOLE a FITS Zephyr show coat from a tack store that was running a 60% off sale.  Those are the jackets that are mesh but look solid??  So so so excited about it.  Several times I have came ridiculously close to overheating (and succeeded 3x) at shows and am excited to see how this jacket behaves.  If nothing else, I look pretty awesome in it :)  *note, that last sentence proves how much of a tack ho I am.   I have 2 nice jackets but the 3rd...I will look awesome*

It is getting real though folks, I sold our big tractor over the weekend, the horses get their vet visit and travel certificate on Thursday, TWH leaves next Friday (he has been being boarded here since I sold him) and the horses leave on the 25th.  AND the buyers were closing on April 4th but now think they will close next week instead?!?!  We advised we need occupancy and they are ok with it but still.  Talk about being real folks :(


  1. wowza, talk about spring cleaning!!! seriously tho, i really can't imagine downsizing from having your own farm - esp since i definitely have the, erm, 'collecting' habit too haha

  2. I am so excited for you! :D I'm going to miss hearing about TWH, but he's in good hands. I can't wait until the relocation is complete so we can learn more about the new barn and house. Congrats on selling some stuff. You have FIVE tack trunks??? All of my horse stuff fits in the back of my Isuzu rodeo LOL!!! Well not the buckets obviously, but all of my tack and grooming stuff does. I only have one small cabinet inside for meds and stuff and it's shared with the dog stuff. ;) I'm just teasing you I hope you know. You've done a great job downsizing. It must feel so good!