Friday, March 18, 2016

One step closer

Geez this is coming fast.  The closing date has been moved up from April 4th to March 24th.  Yikes?!  I leave with the horses in a week (!!!!!!!!),on the 25th, to become PA residents, and we come back on the 27th to pack the house and we are no longer MI residents as of the 29th.  WOW!  TWH leaves tomorrow, for the first time since 2007 I won't see him reguarly.  Awww :(  I am going to miss that fuzz face.  I spent 5 hours cleaning/organizing/packing the barn yesterday and got it 90% done.  Got all of K's stuff back to her, plus 3 armloads of stuff I didn't feel like bringing lol.  And after all of that packing, I was happy to find all of the stuff is all fitting in the horse trailer!  Woohoo!  Tack ho isn't that bad, HA!

Smart horse mom is smart, I am having all work done with the horses before I leave so I don't have to scramble to find anyone.  I had had the vet out for vaccinations/coggins last weekend.  Unfortunately Appy has been NQR/lame on his left front so I had Dr A look at him.  We blocked out his whole hoof and lower leg with no improvement.  He is coming back out tomorrow to block his knee and shoulder and see what we find.  Ugh, at least it is no bony changes in his hoof?  Trying to find the plus side in this scenario but all I see is dollar signs floating out of the checkbook.  Bye bye dollars!

I had the dentist out on Wednesday and got everyone done.  TWH and Appy were really good, minor sharp points and very well behaved.  I LOVE watching TWH's reactions while he gets done, for having blue eyes, they can be super expressive.  The horror in them is very amusing, ha!  Mia had some pretty sharp points in her far back molars, the dentist got them all taken care of but Mia was not very behaved.  She had her head up as high as possible and was getting very pissy about it the process.  I have never had the horses sedated for floats and haven't needed to, though I will likely give her a shot of Ace the next time her teeth are done.  She didn't kick/rear/try to bite, but she was extremely unhappy and was starting to body bump people.  Not okay Mare!

The farrier was out today and everyone got their toes done.  No issues popped up and everyone was behaved.  Now everyone has their teeth, toes and vaccines done and I am not going to have to scramble to have it done in PA.  Phew that is a relief.  Now it is focusing in getting down to the nitty gritty in packing and getting EVERYTHING packed and gone.  It's getting real folks, getting real.  Hopefully I have time for some quick updates but it is possible I may become MIA until April.


  1. Oh man - sounds like the count down is ON!

  2. That was smart getting everything done before you leave. I hope you are able to figure out what is wrong with App soon (and cheap).