Monday, August 10, 2015

Present and accounted for

Things are happening here in this little slice of heaven, I have finally started having showings on our farm (finally) and am just waiting for someone to come along and give us an offer.  We have had 4 showings in 2 weeks, hoping for even more!  The big piece of news, however, is that we now own a house in PA.  A really pretty one, I think, and it is in very good shape so there is virtually no "work" needed to it.  Win!

Over this past weekend I went to PA to sign my life away close on the PA house and moved some basic stuff in.  A bed, basic kitchen supplies, bath stuff, etc.  SO will be staying there on the weekends that he doesn't come back to MI and I will be going out there so time to start moving some stuff!  The biggest task *(so far) is now complete, now time to start packing up the MI house and slowly move it to PA.  So much packing to do!

The horse, surprisingly, is actually being ridden though!  We have done a few dressage rides which have been okay.  Nothing spectacular, certainly nothing to talk much about.  Now that we have closed in PA, maybe I can find some funds to take those much needed lessons again.  Ugh.  I did end up having a jump school last Sunday with K and TWH and it went really well.  Our gymnastic was a placement jump to 18' vertical to 20' oxer to 19' vertical in an effort to practice lengthing and shortening our stride within jumps.  Mia did SO well at it, K kept accusing me of having already done this before on Mia.  I hadn't, I promise!  Mia was just responding so damn well that it was pretty easy for her.  Ha!

Crappy cell phone screencap of cell phone video!
We only went up to 2'6" which is the max that K is comfortable jumping and only a max oxer of about 3 foot due to very heavy rain that was coming in and we ran out of time.  We were literally running our last rounds with thunder and low light.  Yikes!  BUT look at my position, WIN!  Again my heels are down, I am looking UP and while very slightly ahead of Mia and while not as closed in the hip as I would prefer, it is still a good pic.  Yay for basics fixing stupid habits that had developed!

I will certainly be riding on Wednesday though I am not sure how much I will be riding over the next few weeks as I concentrate on some packing.  If someone would make an offer on my farm within the next 30 days, it would simultaneously make my life SO much easier and SO much harder and I would be very thankful for it.  Keeping fingers crossed!


  1. Congrats on the new house and I hope your farm sells soon

  2. so exciting about the new house!! that pic looks great too - sounds like Mia loved the exercise!

  3. Congrats on the new house! Very pretty!

  4. So exciting! Congrats on the new house! It sounds lovely. It will be nice to have a house that needs little to no fixing. :D I hope your farm sold quickly.

    Yay Mia! You guys look awesome.