Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Mastering these haunches

What do I need?  Lessons.  I really need lessons with M but unfortunately they are not even close to cheap and I just can't swing it right now.  As a result, my dressage isn't where I had hoped it but we are getting there.  One thing that really spoke to me is a post I read about controlling haunches from  She was having issues with cantering and found it was actually an issue with the haunches.  Hmmm....

I don't typically have issues with Mia's canter anymore (typically....) however I DO have issues with her haunches when we are going left.  Her haunches tend to drift/fall out and she won't stay straight.  It is very annoying.  I have tried doubly hard to ensure I am not pulling her haunches by using too much rein and that I am not pushing her haunches by using too much leg and they still drift, drift, drift away to the outside.  So I decided I should work on it.

We started at a walk and Mia didn't want to listen to the right leg.  I get it, it is my bad leg and it isn't as strong as my right but you can respect it Mareface.  I grabbed the dressage whip to help reinforce the leg and progress was made.  I was very firmly using my outside leg slightly behind the girth to make her do a haunches in and then had to work even harder to get it on a circle but we did get it.  After working on this at a walk for about 15 minutes we went into a trot and it was cool.  I started to have control of her haunches and could direct them to be in or let them drift out and I could actually tell the difference when she drifted.  Progress!   I think another ride or two and she will "get it" and stop drifting so much.  We made much better progress on this ride than we have in previous ones.

I also am working on having much shorter reins to try to combat this persistent inconsistency in the bridle.  Her constant grabbing, releasing, unsteady contact is also very annoying and I am trying really hard to make sure it isn't me.  I worked very hard to ensure my hands were not pulling backwards and micromanaging and unless my reins are really, super short, she won't keep contact.  So it is another thing we are working on. I am thinking I will have the equine dentist out to see if that turns up any issues, maybe she has tooth issues?  Just need a little more funds, you know, thanks to the big purchase in PA.

Last night was my last ride until probably Tuesday as I am now preparing to race the racecar again this weekend.  Not my thing but apparently since I drive fast, I was given no choice.  Damn obligations!  Then we will have 3 weeks until our next show, keeping fingers crossed we can get our dressage together and get great scores again!


  1. Glad the work ok the haunches is starting to pay off. I'm similarly trying to get a better feel for keeping my mare straight... It's hard!! Have fun at your race!

  2. Sounds like you're making some great progress! I hope getting her teeth done helps you out with the contact problem. If it doesn't have you considered trying a different bit? I don't remember what she's going in, but maybe she would prefer something a different size or shaped different. Just grasping at straws lol. You've probably already resolved the issue since I'm so behind on reading blogs!