Thursday, December 5, 2013

New background info on Mia

When I bought Mia, the people I bought her from had her skinny, in dire need of a farrier and just about nothing else.  I asked about her background and they couldn't give me anything, not who they got her from, the area she came from, nothing.  After I got her home I tried calling the phone number listed on her coggins and despite leaving 2 messages, no one ever called me back.  I tried finding her breeder and wasn't successful so I gave up.

For whatever reason, today I decided do start researching again.  I went into the ApHC site and pulled her Dam's production record and found she had only 2 foals, both from the same sire and a year apart.  I pulled the breeder info and got a new city so thanks to the wonderful, dangerous world of Google I was able to find her phone number.  It is scary how easily you can find info online nowadays!

I called expecting to leave more messages and to my surprise someone answered!  I talked to the guy and it turns out the breeder listed was the guy's daughter, all of the horses actually belonged to the guy and his wife.  Mia was registered to the daughter as the daughter is the one who showed the breed circuit so Mia was registered as such.  It turns out the dam came from South Dakota and showed with the daughter for many years and won several championships together.  She had a small injury so she was bred to a World Grand Champion while she recovered and had Missy.  At some point between the time she had Missy and the time Mia was born she got pretty sick and lost her vision.  Mia was worked with and imprinted from day one, they spent a lot of time with her as they did with all of the horses.  She was halter broke at a week old and was exposed to as much stuff as possible at a very young age.

About 5-6 years ago, when Mia was just turning one, the daughter became pregnant and couldn't ride due to a very complicated pregnancy.  After her child was born, she apparently gave up riding and as a result both Mia and Missy sat around for years.  They put about 30 days of training into them and sometime last year they sold both Missy and Mia to the same person for almost nothing with promises of a great home with huge pastures.  I don't think who I bought Mia from is the same person who bout Mia and Missy from the breeder but I still know the condition in which I bought Mia.  I told them about the condition I got her in and told him that they didn't have Missy when I went and saw Mia.

I gave them my info and we may connect to see new pictures of Mia, they had wondered how the horses were doing but hadn't gotten a hold of the buyers.  It makes me really happy to know that Mia was bred purposefully as a show horse and had a lot of ground work installed on her at a young age to prep her for it.  It makes me much happier knowing her history and knowing that the condition she lived in when I got her was only for a very short period in her life.  Hopefully at some point they will see her name on a showbill know she has a great home.


  1. Wow how great to know more bout her history and that the breeder got a follow up. I've always worried what's become of horses I've know/owned.

  2. What a wonderful thing to find out, that people did care about her and not that long ago. I bet it made the previous owner feel so much better too, and how nice for you to know more about her history.

  3. Aww that is so great!! I'm glad she ended up with you and I hope her sister found a good home too. That's why it's so scary to rehome a horse because you just never know where they will end up. Also I agree it is scary how easy it is to find people.... which is why I go by achieve1dream hehe. I'm sure a creeper could still find me if they wanted to, but hopefully I'm not that interesting. :)