Thursday, December 26, 2013

A thank you to Hillary and Houston! Secret blogger gift reveal

I am such a bad, bad blogger, I did not get this up before Christmas.  To my defense, we didn't have power from Saturday night until JUST NOW and I can't seem to use blogger on my phone but I am still sorry that I didn't get it up when I should have.

Tracy over at Fly On Over hosted a Secret Blogger Gift Exchange.  I got Karen from Bakersfield Dressage and I was lucky enough to have gotten Hillary and Houston.  I hadn't ever read their blog before but I am now!  Unfortunately for Houston, he got hurt right as the gift exchange was happening but a special gift was sent out and imagine the gleam in my eyes as I got THIS from the Brown Santa aka UPS truck:

Aaooooo!!  I LOVE Smartpak!!
Another bucket?  Who can't use a bucket?!
They used to come in a cardboard box.

Oh man the boys are going to be SO happy!
The TWH took NO time whatsover deciding that the Hanging Balls are much more important than hay and thus we have had a lot of this:


Thank you so much to Hillary and Houston for the yummy treat, I hope Houston heals up fast!


  1. So glad to see this in action! I may have to get Houston one since he has another week of stall rest left. Glad you liked it :) this was really fun to do.

    1. Sorry! The hyperlink hadn't worked when I typed this up. Fixed it so it pops over to your blog. Thanks again!

  2. I got the same thing from my Secret Santa. Love the hanging balls!!

  3. Look at TWH go!! He's in love, haha

  4. What a great present! I bet Henry would love one of those! :)