Friday, October 26, 2012

Funny thing

So I finally decide to post that I am going to take a break and my blog number jumps up to 10 views.  How crazy is that?  May be a fluke, will have to see.  In the meantime I figured I would post about last night and the upcoming weekend.

Like a lot of the middle of the country, this past week has been great with warm temperatures  Last night it was 74 degrees at 6pm!  Nothing like this morning when it hit a high of 58 at 4am and will go downhill the rest of the day and we will not see this number again for a least a week, probably more.  With it being so warm out, combined with the unusual gift of being off of work at 5p, I decided to go on a trail ride with the TWH.  I went on the short loop, a 3 mile loop "around the block", and spent the majority of the ride trotting and cantering.  It was Such. A. Nice. Ride.  There was a light, warm breeze that kept any bugs away, traffic was light, road was soft but firm without being muddy and the road was smooth so rocks weren't a problem.   Awesome. Ride.

When we got back, the dirty TWH was now a disgusting TWH.  The TWH has grown his winter coat and is super fuzzy.  As a result he was super sweaty which when combined with the filth he had, there was nary a cream colored patch on his body.  Ick.  With it being so warm out and it looking like this was the last warm night, I took the opportunity to give him a bath.  Scrub, scrub, scrub, wash, rinse, scrub.  I ran out of shampoo so ran inside and grabbed some Suave for Men to finish, it was so funny smelling the TWH when he smelled all manly with his pepperminty, manly shampoo.  With not having an acutal wash rack here I have found that as long as I let them eat grass, the boys don't mind baths and while they walk around, they don't move far and bath time stays simple.  Wahoo!  In the end he came out all clean and smelled great, let's hope he stays that way for a little while.

The App even got a bath too, though by that time it was dark out.  Like, really dark.  I could only see what I was doing by the barn's door light so he didn't get a full bath.  He got rinsed, scrubbed a little, rinsed again and then sprayed with the hose to try to "power wash" some of the grime off.  He isn't nearly as sparkly clean as the TWH but he is still miles from where he was.  Success!  When I went out to do night check he was no longer shivering and while he was still fairly damp, he wasn't cold.  I threw the boys an extra flake of hay and called it a night.  This morning everyone was dry, fairly clean and happy so I brushed off a few of the new spots the App had obtained and then doused everyone with ShowSheen.  Hopefully it will keep them clean a little longer anyway.

I am excited for this weekend as Sunday is the second Hunter Pace of the year.  It looks like I am meeting up with several people this year too, I will have a team of 4 instead of a team of two!  While it is supposed to be cold (a high of 45!!!!) I am really looking forward to it.  Hopefully the TWH decides to stay fairly clean until then so it will look like I have a cremello instead of a paint lol.  Maybe I will keep posting, let's see how things go.

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  1. Please keep posting!! I'm glad you had a great ride and had decent weather for baths. I'm dying to give Chrome a bath.... and I'm totally building a wash stall at the new place. :D Can't wait to read about the hunter pace!