Thursday, October 18, 2012


Things are going well here at LogDog Acres, knee rehab is coming right along and I am now able to ride several laps of two point without being in excruciating pain.  The horses got a spa treatment where everyone was clipped and the boys got new tail bags.  The donkey didn't appreciate clipping and wasn't having much of it.  She would tolerate the clippers around and on her but when you tried putting the blades to hair she refused and kept bolting, spinning and trying to rear to show her displeasure.  Eventually I just twitched her, since I had already started she looked awfully silly and needed her 3 inch bridle path finished.  Once twitched, she stood nicely and I finished in about 30 seconds.  Oh donkey.

Mugwumps talked today about her lack of blogging, her reasons are different than mine but it gave me the boot in the butt I needed to post again.  I started the blog as a journal, to track the donkey's progress, to give me an outlet and to maybe meet some new bloggers.  Overall the journey has been successful, I met several bloggers and started following their blogs as well.  I have a diary of the donkey's progress as well as my own over the past (almost) two years.  I haven't advertised my blog, maybe that is the main issue, my lack of posting stems from not having a need to post for myself anymore and the number of hits I now get on a single post range from 1 to 5.  With no feedback and virtually no readership, I am losing steam.  Maybe I will start back up in the winter when I am back to riding several days a week or in the spring when I start showing. Certainly I would have something more interesting to talk about by then.  Until then, I follow about 60 blogs so keep posting!

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  1. No no no no I am still here!!! Things just got really bad for a while and I stopped reading ALL blogs, not just yours. I LOVE you blog!! I would be so sad if you stopped posting. I know one thing that might help with your comments is taking off word verification. Everyone, including me, HATES word verification. It is so hard to read!!! I do understand falling into slumps though. I get like that too. I'm a comment addict so if comments fall off I just don't feel like posting. Usually when I stop getting comments though it's because I haven't been commenting on other blogs. Anyway, keep posting please!!!