Thursday, March 8, 2012

Donkey, TWH and a show

So on the plus side, the TWH no longer has a swollen hock, it is nice and cool and tight.  On the downside he is still a little short strided on it.  I have kept him on bute for 6 days now and had hoped to flex test him this morning however alarm fail, I ended up sleeping until 7a!  Thankfully I had taken the time last night to fill hay nets so I didn't get too far behind but as a result I didn't get him flexed out.  I will try again tonight and see what he looks like.  I do have the vet scheduled out on the 17th and we will inject him if we think it comes down to that.  We will see.

For the horse show I have decided to pass on the show on the 18th.  The TWH is certainly not ready and I am not confident in the App being a rock star so I am going to wait.  My instructor is going to a show on the 31st, however, so I am now looking at going to it with the App.  The instructor said we certainly should do First level 1 and either First 2 or Training 3, depending on my comfort level.  I got the tests printed out last night and will try to ride tonight to see how they go.  First 1 isn't a hard test, per say, however the transitions will come FAST with almost no room for error.  I am excited to see how it goes and am planning to take another lesson on the App after riding this a few times.

While I understand planning on showing the App goes against the plans for the TWH, I am going to push forward.  Hopefully by the time I take my next lesson the TWH will be sound again and I can re-evaluate.  I am torn as I want to keep showing the App, especially since he is finally making good progress in his dressage, but I don't have the resources to show two horses.  It sounds like I will have the same dilemma as last year, we will see how it goes.

On a side note, I tried something new last night.  I tortured my donkey!  My boarder is a 10 hand pony that used to drive.  The owners are selling him and offered to sell me the harness and cart if it fit.  I tried it on and it doesn't look like it fits, some pieces do and some don't.  The donkey was not pleased about any of it but handled it really well.  I am going to try putting it on her again tonight and make sure it doesn't fit before passing on the offer.  The donkey is only 11.2 hands so she isn't that much bigger, the biggest part of the pieces that don't fit is the length of the crupper and the breaching is a little high.  Going to see if adding extenders would fix it as those are the only pieces that are too small.
I am not amused.  Not amused at all.


  1. I'll be back to catch up on your blog, just wanted to respond to your comments on mine.

    My farrier is not a barefoot trimmer so she refuses to do a bevel (mustang roll), so I have to do it myself. I worked on it a bit a few days ago, but I tripped and fell the other day (I'm a klutz) and have been too sore to do it. I will put a bevel on it when I feel up to it.

    My farrier did mention on Faran's hooves that they looked jammed at the coronet, but didn't mention what I'm supposed to do about that lol. His hooves have been overgrown for a looooong time (before we got him) so it will take a while to deal with all of the issues. They are chipping again so we have to get out there and put a bevel on them soon.

    Thank you for your comments!! All feedback is helpful. :)

  2. Oh my goodness!!! That would be so cool if you could get it to fit. Donkeys are built longer in the back than ponies so it doesn't really surprise me that those parts don't fit. I hope the extenders work though. :)