Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Daisy's progress

It is now Wednesday and the donkey is still very lame.  She is boarder line non-weight bearing, she will set her toe down but not her heel and hop.  I flexed her out a bit last night and she only really reacts if you pull her leg all the way back, flexing her stifle, or when you palpate her pastern.  I even tried wrapping her leg but when I checked on her an hour later she was in a full body sweat from her nerves.  I even tried a second time last night and got the same reaction so I took it off and am just applying the Buta-vet sweat.  I will call the vet tomorrow if she isn't better.  Goodness.

When the vet was out he took new xrays of Daisy's feet and he was mightily impressed.  He had the xrays from last year on his computer so he flipped back and forth and was very impressed with how she is standing now.  He does want to take at least a quarter inch of sole off of her, now that we know where her bones are, other than that he is pretty happy.

Here is her left front, exactly 1 day from a year ago:

Note she isn't actually standing on the foot
 Here is her left front today:

Standing like a good donkey
Her coffin bone, connecting the tip and the start of the bone, are now parallel to her hoof angle which is a big improvement.  The bone is also slightly more level along the bottom which is fantastic.  To more easily see the difference, here is the first picture I have rotated about 20 degrees so that her foot is flat:

Her right foot is her worst foot and the one that she was non weight bearing when she first arrived here.

And here she is today:

Here you can easily see how much height we have taken off and we still have more to go.  You can see the angles are much better and her bone remodeling has left her coffin bone now nicely flat on the bottom.  This has caused much comfort for her and has helped her stay sound.

Now I can confirm that I am very, very far from an expert in x-rays.  If anyone sees anything else in the x-rays and would like to share I would LOVE your feedback as I am going mostly by what was pointed out to me by the vet.  Overall I am very happy with her progress and she has been cleared to be a cart pulling donkey!  At least when she is sound again.


  1. Wow!! I know nothing about xrays, but even I can see the improvement. That is so awesome!! :D I can't wait until we can start working on Zep's hooves. I wish he would just trust us. I think his biggest problem is that he isn't gelded. He's acting like a total ass (no pun intended) toward the other horses, chasing them and trying to mount them. Just acting very studdy in general. What a pain! I hope Daisy feels better soon.

  2. Good luck with Zep, I would still strongly recommend forcing the issue with him instead of letting him decide to trust you. Works faster IMO and the time it takes them to decide they hate you for locking them up is over pretty quickly when they realize the benefits of domestication.
    If he is being really studdy towards your other horses that must be a real pain. Hopefully you can get him gelded soon. Am really looking forward to your donkey stories.

  3. Thanks! I am going to lock him up like you suggested I'm just still waiting on the bank. They have one final check that they have to do on the barn since we completed the repairs and then we can start using it again. :) I'm excited to have my barn back lol. I'm just worried that he's going to bray constantly and that it will drive the neighbors nuts!