Thursday, February 2, 2012

Picture time! Chip's feet pre and post trim

Chippy says Hi!  Everyone loves our spotted beast, except me when he is being grouchy and bossy, thus he wanted to say hello to his adoring fans.

Hay everyone!  Mmmmm, hay...
This is a continuing post on feet and unfortunately I planned badly and ran out of time.  I didn't get the detailed photos of his feet before like I did with Sinatra.  I am a bad person, I am sorry.  I was, however, able to grab 2 quick pictures of his front soles before they were worked on.  The left front is the one that was causing me concern and was the suspect in his mild lameness.  My farrier disagrees and thinks it is coming from his right front however his slight head bob is down on his right and he is/was landing toe first on his left front.  Any thoughts?

Before, left front:
Before, left front, front view
Before, left front, sole
After, left front:
After, left front, front view
After, left front, heel
After, left front, side
After, left front, sole
Before, right front:
Before, right front, sole
After, right front:
After, right front, front view
After, right front, heel (sorry about the sideways pic)
After, right front, side
After, right front, sole
After, left hind:
After, left hind, heel
After, left hind, side
After, left hind, sole
 After, right hind:
After, right hind, front
After, right hind, heel
After, right hind, side
After, right hind, sole
Hope everyone enjoys the pics!  I do have some videos but they are taking forever to upload and I can't wait for them right now.  So... followup post?


  1. Actually, the sideways picture is good! If your camera angels are true and these are taken similarly, it shows there is an imbalance. Now go look at all the others of that heel view "sideways".

    To me, the front hooves: the right side of both feet looks lower than the left. On the hinds, it is more subtle, but the left on both looks a touch lower. Perhaps your farrier is a little too "sided" with his rasping technique.

  2. I will be back to catch up on your posts I promise, I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your donkey stories and hints. I really appreciate it!

    I had considered the idea about making him eat while I was holding the bucket (we've done it before), but right now it would be impossible because there is no way to separate him from the other horses. Maybe once we have the barn fixed so we can put them in stalls I can try it. Also right now they have free choice hay and he doesn't really care for the feed he's getting (beet pulp with vitamin/mineral supplement) so he could really care less about missing a meal. I'll definitely keep it in mind for later though when we have a way to separate him. Not having the barn and stalls is the main reason I haven't done anything with him for so long. It's hard to do much with a wild donkey and two other (piggie) horses on thirty acres lol. :D

  3. I was thinking the same thing as Bif. Also is he trimming the bars at all? It looks like they are on the verge of laying over. I'm not sure. I wish I knew more to help.

    This lady ( offers free consultations over phone or email. Here Facebook page is You might have her look at the pictures. I think I'm going to have her look at Chrome. It does take her some time to get to everyone though so don't worry if it takes a bit for an answer. :)