Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Getting older sucks

A quick update, I rode again last night with RB4 and had a really good ride.  She rode the App with an encouragement stick and actually enjoyed riding him this time.  Even she commented how much easier it is to ride him by just holding a whip, ah my old man.  The TWH did pretty good too, we worked a little on the shoulder in a a trot (quite difficult for this lateral horse to stay in a trot during this) and 10 meter circles.  We also worked on speeds within the canter as he finally has the speeds within the trot down pretty well.  Overall it was a pretty good ride for both of us.

I will say, however, that I still have not fully recovered from my 7 mile ride/fight with the App.  I am quite sore even 2 days later.  On Tuesday I woke up early, did a bunch of outside chores, did normal morning chores and started work without any issues.  At lunch I went to go down the stairs and didn't know if I would make it, I felt like I was a 70yr old lady!  Being immobile for those 4 hours must have really did a number as I was completely stiff.  I am still moving stiffly even today but am not letting it slow me down.  No drugs yet, just pushing through the pain. Hopefully by tomorrow this will have subsided, I haven't been this sore since last spring when I rode in two point for the first time in months.  Getting older sucks.


  1. Awww it does suck! The cool thing about what I mentioned on your previous post is that it doesn't take much effort from the rider so it won't leave you sore like having to hold him back did. I hope the soreness went away quickly!

  2. By day three I was okay again but those two days were hard! Talk about sore...