Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We can haz brainz! Pt I

I am breaking my thoughts into two entries because otherwise it is one long entry.  Had some breakthrough moments on both boys lately and want to share.  The first came from this past weekend.  Of course I was busy though I didn't get as much done as I had hoped.  SO made the decision he had to buy a bike, and not just any bike but a Giant bike thus we had to go to a bike store.  Ouch, out whips the credit card.  As a result of the new purchase he wanted to ride it on Saturday so I figured I'd follow behind him on a horse. 

I took the App out since I wanted to jump the TWH, though was dreading the ride because I know what it entails, see here for how our trail rides have been going lately.  We set out and the App seemed pretty settled.  At about a quarter mile in he started getting fidgety so I booted him into a trot and kept him going for about a quarter of a mile.  I sat back and asked for a walk and he gave it to me (?!?!).  He was nice and relaxed, he didn't try to jig or speed back up, he was quite content to stay at a nice relaxed walk. 

We walked for a bit longer on the 2nd leg of our journey around the block and I tried a canter to see if I could catch up with the SO.  He gave me a nice relaxed canter that was contained and relaxed, it was simply awesome.  Unfortunately the third and longest leg of our trip was set at mostly a walk due to the road being recently graded, lots of larger rocks were all over the road.  We caught up with the SO about 3/4 the way on the third leg, he is just starting this biking thing lol, and we went together to the fourth leg.

He thought it would be fun to race so he took off down a small hill, the App of course had no problem chasing and catching him.  On the plus side?  We found he goes about 18 mph at a gallop.  Down side?  When we got back I found he had a pretty good chip of hoof coming off down by his heel.  No worries though, the farrier came back out yesterday and we shouldn't have to worry about it.  I was so happy my boy had a brain, didn't scream for his buddies and didn't act like a moron, as a result we were able to have FUN!

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  1. That is so awesome! I'm so happy for you. It's always a great ride when your hard work pays off. :)