Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Putting things back together

Things have been fairly quiet the past few days, what a nice change!  I went on a relaxing trail ride with my riding buddy and didn't make the TWH think too hard after his jumping session.  I think it helped giving him another day off.  I went to lunge the TWH today and quickly realized that his screws are still loose from our jumping session on Monday.  I abandoned my plan of lunging basics and perhaps a small jump and went straight back to groundwork.  I took out the metaphorical duct tape and worked at putting him back together and I think it worked.

Lots of yielding, lots of stopping and not moving until he relaxed, lots of transitions.  Lots of backing and despooking, even more stopping.  My hope for a quick 20 minute session turned more into a 40 minute session but I think it was time well spent.  By the time we were done I think I had the horse I had before he lost his screws.  I let him be my weedeater and eat some of the grass along the arena so I don't have to mess with it and turned everyone out.  It's looking to be a good day.

Things are about to get very hectic, no big surprise considering this is my life.  This weekend I am going cross country schooling again on the App, hopefully we will get pictures this time!  My grandmother is coming to visit from New England, she is very excited to see my new place and all that has been accomplished.  If I don't post anything over the next 2 weeks, that is the reason.  I will post as soon as I can.  The following weekend, the 21/22, I am going to my very first rated show!!  I am quite excited and a bit intimidated.  It is a C rated show so it shouldn't be too bad but still.  I will be bringing the TWH and going over 2' and 2'3" fences.  Keep your fingers crossed, maybe we will actually do well!

After these two weeks we have a one week break and then have our first eventing derby of the year at the place we go cross country schooling.  On Sat I will bring the TWH for schooling (and hopefully do better than this past time) and on Sun I hope to be able to bring both horses and show our stuff.  I am very excited about the first weekend of June, it looks to be a very good time.

Alas, I will let you know how things go.  I notice I am getting more page hits, I keep hoping for a new follower.  How cool would that be?!?  I shouldn't be too disappointed since I don't advertise my blog but my current follower found me without my advertising.  Maybe I'll start putting my blog out there, I will admit I have found it is really cool to post things and have someone comment on them.

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  1. :D

    I didn't advertise either, I just started commenting on a ton of different blogs. Where did you find mine? I love reading your blog. :)

    I'll be impatiently waiting an update (hopefully with pictures!). :) Have fun with your grandmother and at the shows. I know you'll do great!