Thursday, September 10, 2020

Not very superficial to me

 You know what they about horses and best laid plans, right? 

Thurs pm, left front

Thurs PM, right front

I grabbed Mia on Thursday, walked through the entire 5 acre pasture, brushed her, got on, walked about 5 minutes and the instructor came in. A watched us walk around for about a lap and a half because I mentioned Mia's right front was clicking oddly. 

Thurs PM, outside of right front normal

We halted and chatted with A for about a minute. When I asked Mia to walk on, she was suddenly lame. Seriously?!?  
Weds PM, Left front
Her ligaments were sort of thick and lumpy on her front right, so she was able to get out of a dressage lesson while also being "poisoned" with bute. 

Weds PM, right front

The rest of this past week has been identical. Mia gets bute 2x a day and poultice at night when I am out.
Weds PM, right front

Only the inside of her legs have this puffiness and obvious thickening of the ligaments. No real heat, no other swelling, and the outside of her legs look completely normal. 

Weds PM, left front

I had the vet out and Mia was completely non-reactive upon palpation. The vet said she would be very surprised if Mia tore or strained something because of just how completely non-reactive she was, but if Mia was still puffy in 2 weeks we can ultrasound her. *sigh* 

Thermal image, right front

The vet thinks it is her superficial digital flexor tendon and not her deep digital tendon. On the plus side, Mia isn't lame anymore on either foot?

Thermal image, left front

The concerning part of the thermal images is that it is obviously something going on in the tendons, especially the left front which was normal last Thursday. I am glad I snapped a pic on Thurs of the left front, as it looks so much worse now despite having a full week off. 

I am giving her another week off, why not at this point. I did take some video with the new Pivo, that will be for the next post! 

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