Thursday, April 20, 2017

Novice CT Photo Dump

There was an overwhelming request for a photo dump, so...okay!
Dressage warmup looking great
Mia is responding so well

Position LOVE

Who thinks 2'11" is too small?  Mia....
After this fence, Mia comes right back to me.  Wow!

Very short approach, nailed it anyway

Do you see how I am riding?  So much better!
Someone is going here....
This makes me so happy!
This is not a racing mare, this is a controlled mare!
Someone ends up with a pretty yellow
When we got back to the barn, I applied hoof treatment to App and when walking by, he stuck his head in the trailer.  I asked him if he really wanted to hop on the trailer, he actually did!  Weird right?  He hasn't willing hopped into a trailer, like, every?  Let alone wanted to.  Ha!

Old men shed a lot
He is doing decently enough.  He is holding his weight very well though he is pretty uncomfortable.  His left shoulder causes him a lot of pain, even though he is on a lot of drugs.  It is all about managing his pain levels and trying to make sure he is sort of limping instead of really limping.  It's tough seeing him as uncomfortable as he is

He is currently on Equioxx and Gabapentin for arthritis pain, Pentasan and MSM for inflammation, Polyglycan for the joint fluid that is left and Buteless Pellets.  I am hopeful this isn't the last year with him :( but he is still happy and love attention so I am doing what I can for him

And finally, this girl turned 11.  She doesn't go along for trail rides anymore, nor chase the ball for more than a throw or two, but we have her separation anxiety mostly under control, she hangs out at the barn when I go and she is much happier than she was after we first moved to PA.  That is a win.


  1. wooooo you guys look GREAT!!!! so many excellent pictures!!!! tho i hope you don't crop out your head for the ones you hang and frame at home ;) i like to imagine that you're smiling in every one of them!

  2. You guys look great. App looks good for an old guy.

  3. This is a great photo dump. Mia and you look awesome. Love that App is doing okay. And your dog is beautiful.

  4. Love this!! Mia looks so confident tackling the big jumps!