Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentines day update

Last Saturday the farrier was out and we were successful in immediately finding a small blow out hole in Mia's outer bar from an abscess.  So she definitely had an abscess.  Unfortunately, she was still quite sore in the outer hind quarter of her hoof, from the bar back.  So she has something else still in there.  She got Sunday and Monday off and I didn't go to the barn because we got a crap ton of snow and then freezing mix and then 30-50 MPH winds which caused massive drifting.  I fully intended on going to the barn Monday but a message from the barn owner said that unless you have 4WD, don't bother.  There were snow drifts reaching almost 2 feet in parts of the driveway OMG.

As someone that doesn't really celebrate Valentines day, I wasn't expecting anything big.  I told SO that if he was looking for hints, the bluetooth shutter remote for your phone was certainly something I would like.  Emma was kind enough to post about it and it was something I decided I had to have and low and behold, it is now mine.  SO told me he hadn't gotten me anything so if I wanted it, get it.  AND I got the flexible tripod to attach to jump standards.  Here's to hoping it works well when the mare is sound ha!  Yes, of course I have tried it out already and yes it does work!  I can't get it to record video, I think I need to download a camera/video app but I haven't played with it much yet.

Spending Valentines with this guy
I went out to see the horses last night, to make sure they were all alive after the snowpocalypse, and loved on App for a bit first.  He seemed to appreciate the attention, even more so when he got an apple AND a banana for dessert.  Mia got attention as well, she sounded like she might be off when walking in the aisle but when I threw her in the arena, she looked fine almost all of the time. I made her trot and canter around for a bit, she hasn't been moving much in over a week, I didn't want to have a big fight on my hands when I got on.  I tacked up and low and behold, Mia was still lame :(

Another boarder was there and said she couldn't really see anything, save for the few times when I called out when she felt really off.  Mia just felt like she wasn't pushing off evenly, and it was pretty obvious under saddle.  Boo.  On the plus side, her hoof is no longer warm and she had no heat/swelling that we could find. AND she is about 85% better.  We cantered a little bit and she feels normal to the left but certainly wasn't comfortable to the right so we trotted off and on for about 20 minutes.  At this point, make it better or make it worse right?  She isn't really bad enough to call the vet out, if it gets worse at least we can find something.

Also with these guys
I then ended my valentines day by having to put a deer down, about a quarter of a mile from my house there was a deer laying in the ditch, watching cars drive by.  I slowed down to look at it, in case it was going to jump out in front of my car, and it was obvious it had already been hit and was paralyzed from the shoulders back.  It could move its front legs and was trying to scramble away, but couldn't do more than throwing its head and neck around.  So I went home and got my little pistol and put it down.  I hate having to kill something, but it obviously wasn't going to be able to survive and it was better than freezing to death, moving enough to get into the road and being hit again or letting some of the coyotes around find it.  :(  What a great end to Valentine's day lol.

I will give Mia until this weekend, if she is still off then I will call the vet out.  I have a tentative lesson (AGAIN!!!!) on March 11 and I need her sound by then!

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  1. Eeeee so jealous you already got the tripod! I must have ordered the wrong one bc its still back ordered lol. Anyway for the video thing, my phone camera has to be set on video and then I press the same button on the remote as if I were taking a picture and it works. Maybe that's the case with yours?