Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pics don't lie

 was able to wrangle SO into coming out over the weekend to take video of our riding.  I wanted to see how I was position wise and see if Mia looked as good as she felt.  Since the barn doesn't have a trainer or give lessons, and I don't have anyone to ride with, I needed some legit feedback.  TL;DR I was wrong.  At least this past weekend I was wrong.

Gapy mouth, overall really nice
Gapy mouth, a bit of pulling with my hands
One thing I have been suspicious of is Mia's bit, she is ridiculously quirky in her bits.  I start feeling like Sprinkler Bandit at times, having to swap out all of the time to appease the princess.  As I have said before, Mia really loved her copper full cheek.  The issue is I hate full cheeks.  I hate their look, I hate their pointy ends, I hate the keepers that you need on them, I have them because they are great starting bits but I have zero desire to keep using them.  So when I moved her out of the full cheek, I had to try several before we found one that worked.  She hated the french link snaffles that I have used forever on the boys, okay fine.  So I bought a HSS loose ring for a steal. She hates the loose ring.  Okay, fine.  I bought an eggbutt and she went okay in it, I bought a copper eggbutt and she went well in it.  Well, always one to meddle, I bought a HSS boucher bit and have been riding her in it since the end of last  year (not saying a lot, if you remember lol).  Well, the pictures don't lie.  She doesn't like it.

Leaning forward a little, mouth issue again

open mouth, some suspension!
I have cherry picked the best pics, however in almost all pictures she is gaping her mouth and isn't stretching down like I thought.  I have strongly suspected she has been gaping her mouth, and was right. I have now grabbed the copper eggbutt and it will be going out tonight.
That issue with the right front being on the ground when the
left hind is off.  If it was timed correctly, suspension!
Gapy mouth, right front striding issue again
Overall, I am pretty happy.  SO took 489 pictures and some video.  90% of the pictures show the only real issue with ME is that my leg is sliding too far forward.  My hands are up and together in about 75% of the pics and I am not leaning forward in most pics as well.  Win!
Gapy mouth, really nice position I think

Tense, Above the bit, bad hands but good position
It also shows me that the last trim job has left Mia's toes too long, her front are still on the ground when her diagonal rear is off of the ground.  I have a farrier coming out on Saturday, so let's hope that gets resolved.  Why is every pic going the same direction?  I have no idea lol.  I picked the pictures and it wasn't until I uploaded them that I noticed that, sorry ha!  So.... what do you think? Bit issue?  Just being resistant?


  1. I don't know much about it, but fwiw my mare strides out the same way with the fronts still on the ground when the hinds are off

  2. I find pictures and video to be such a helpful training tool. It really shows me my flaws and what I need to work on!