Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fails, wine and kitten

This is a very short, melancholy, wine filled post.  That I couldn't proofread.  Sorry peeps, feel free to skip.

 Mia was successful in recovering from her abscess and I went to PA for the weekend.  A nice short 11.5 hour, one way drive.  I got the call on Sunday morning, Mia was very lame again, this time on her left hind.  The diagonal opposite of the last lameness.  Of course she was.  When I got back Sunday night (after another fun 11 hour, one way drive), she was almost 3 legged lame.  Very uncomfortable and unhappy, she had zero desire to put her heel down and her hoof was very warm.  I slathered ichthammol on her hoof 2x a day and she is much better now.  She is still short at the trot but pretty sound at the walk.  I weaned her off of bute yesterday so I am hoping to see her true pain level tonight.  I don't think it has popped but it isn't causing her as much pain.  Another week lost!

Things have been very hectic here and it is affecting me more than I would prefer.  The biggest one is that our farm here in MI still hasn't sold.  I am extremely down about the whole situation, I think we were lead astray by our realtor at the start and it was priced way too high.  I also don't know what she is DOING other than listing it on websites.  The video that was taken has never been posted on youtube or put on realtor/zillow/etc.  This has caused stress from knowing whether I need to buy hay for the winter to how am I going to plow since I sold the blade for the tractor to regrets of our selling stuff I could use but sold because this was supposed to sell fast.  Ugh.  Add wine.

Things are not super better at in other aspects, the brake lines blew in the van as we were bringing it to PA, thankfully we were only 10 mins from the house at the time.  Wine night.  The tires on the car trailer are dry rotted so SO stole the tires off of my horse trailer so he could move the racecar.  My trailer is literally sitting on blocks.  Fail.  Add more wine.   Then today, for example, I got a showing request.  Awesome!  Except I was working and they wanted a showing in 2.5 hours from when I got the call.  UHHHH!!!  I have lived in a "staged" house condition since it was listed so it doesn't take long to have it go from "clean, ready to go" to "staged" but I was working!  I took off of work for the 2.5 hours to finish staging the house, dragging the arena, sweeping the barn and stashing all of the animals/toys/litter boxes/etc and I was SO impressed with myself because I got it done. All by myself in 2.25 hours!!  I took the 15 mins to go eat a banana and check in on work when I saw an email.  The people canceled 15 mins prior to their arrival.  Are you fricken kidding me?!?!  They ended up rescheduling for tomorrow but geez.  Was so bummed.  Guess what is happening tonight?  Wine.

The bright spot, however, is this dang kitten.  She is SO sweet and fricken adorable.  And a ferocious panther.  She sleeps under the covers and cuddles ALL of the time.  With EVERYONE.  She is really good for car rides and I even brought her to the farm store and she wasn't scared of anything.  Very inquisitive and curious of who would pet her.  So damn cute.  She is now 3.5 pounds and SO big in comparison from when I got her.  She now has her own collar, flies up and down stairs and chases the other cats in an attempt to play.  Anyway, here is kitten spam, doing what she does best.  Cuddling.
Sleepy sleep

Why did you disturb me?

What you doing?  I get you!


  1. She is adorable! Kittens can always cheer you up. I hope the showing goes well tomorrow!

  2. good luck on the showing. I know how stressful it is to sell and to have a lame horse!

  3. kittens and wine. when in doubt, just add more of either. sorry it's been so crappy lately - i hope it gets better soon!

  4. Wow that is so wrong about them canceling!! People have no respect for other people's time... :( I hope the farm sells soon. I can't imagine the stress you're under. I still haven't sold my house. We're renting it. They want to buy it, but their credit isn't good enough.... I hope it happens soon. I'm so sick of paying taxes on it!

    I hope Mia is okay. I wonder why she's getting abscesses all of a sudden??

    Danica is so CUTE!!! I'm glad she's keeping you sane. :D