Wednesday, May 13, 2015

This mare of mine

This mare of mine, she sure is testing my patience!  I turned the horses out Tuesday am and I put their fly masks on because I thought it was going to be warm.  I was wrong, it is only 55 outside, oh well.  When I went to lunch I went to the window and looked outside, I saw App standing at the gate just hanging out.  Odd, he usually only does that around feeding time so I looked around and saw Mia.  Wait, that is odd, Mia is outside of the pasture.  Wait, Mia is OUTSIDE OF THE PASTURE!?!?!  I did a quick gate count, yes all 4 are closed, where was TWH?  I walked quickly outside and Mia was all "Hey!  What's up?  Look, grass!"  I grabbed her fly mask and lead her back to the gate and put her back into the pasture.

I looked around and saw TWH in another part of the pasture, so at least that disaster was diverted, but where did Mia get out???  I didn't see anything obvious, not sure what else to do I went ahead and walked to the arena to turn the fence on.  The fence has been off all winter, there are some sticks on the fence and I wanted to clean them off before I turned the fence on for the year and I just hadn't gotten to it.  No worries though, I will just turn the fence on and turn it off later to clean the fenceline.  In the 45 seconds it took me to walk to the arena, grab the mounting block and plug the charger in, I saw how Mia got out.  As I plugged the fence in, I looked out of the arena door and saw Mia.  She was stretched down and was in the process of climbing out of the pasture through the 2nd and 3rd strands of fencing.  O. M. G.

At that moment I heard the click of the charger and thought "Welp, she is going to get it now".  This all happened in about the span of a second, not much I could do.  I watched Mia as she got zapped HARD (since my fence is about 8500 volts with 2.5 jules), she sat back and got herself tangled in the fence.  By this time I was unplugging the fence and Mia was on her feet and taking off across the pasture.  Her leg (or head?) was tangled in the top strand and, as it is supposed to, the fencing broke free from the post as it was ripped apart and Mia ran free from the tangle.  I jumped down and immediately ran to the fence, how the heck am I supposed to keep 3 now VERY amped up horses in a pasture when I have a 30 ft gap in my fence??  Geez.

Thankfully when I started messing with the fencing and they came to see what I was doing, I shooed them off and they went into the arena so I was able to close the gate to keep them out of the main pasture while I fixed the gap.  I didn't have any extra rollers (though I only needed the roller pins) so a quick trip to TSC and $14 later I had the parts to my fence.  A mere 15 minutes later I had the fence put back together and the fence turned on.  The only residual damage is Mia had knocked my fence post out of whack that the gate latch is on so now the latch is in danger of randomly swinging open. Smh.  It is currently tied with a lead rope until I can address it.

So I came back to work and happened to look out the window, what is seen?  Mia walks up to the fence, where she had scooted out (the first time, and also the second thwarted attempt), and puts her nose to the top strand of the fence and jumps back.  She puts her nose to the middle strand and sniffed it.  She then put her nose to the bottom strand and jumped back from a shock.  This is one smart mare, she is now testing the damn fence to see which lines are live.  Well, the fence is now on and it is going to STAY on.  No more lose mares causing havoc.  I swear I am about to contemplate that offer from M to buy Mia.  Damn horse!


  1. Ha! Why does this remind me of Jurassic Park? Testing the fence to see if she can escape....and find a human to eat? ;)

    1. You are so accurate with your comment I can't even agree enough.

    2. Exactly what I was thinking "clever girl", lol!

  2. It's always mares, right? The geldings don't do this crap. My husband's mare jumped/crashed over her stall door to escape recently.

  3. wow. she is one smart pony!

  4. LOL that little brat!!!!! At least electric fence is easy to fix?? :D