Thursday, April 16, 2015

Getting back to it. Again. *updated*

So I did end up going to a follow up doctors appointment since I wasn't 100% in the lung department and they said that my lungs are much better but they still rattle and are inflamed a bit.  They gave me ANOTHER prescription (the 5th one so far) to try to knock the residual inflammation and what not out of there and it seems to be doing a pretty good job.  The rattle is pretty much gone and I am only coughing a few times a day, so much progress!

I rode Mia over the weekend and man, lung issues suck.  I rode around the block on Saturday with Mia by herself for the first time since last fall.  She was kind of spooky when we started out but I kept smacking her every time she would spook and shy at things (ROCK!!  STICK!!  MAILBOX!!) and by the halfway point she had settled down and was just bebopping along.  We trotted a few times and even cantered for a short distance and I was able to do it all but only for very short periods before I would get winded and start coughing.  Saturday as good for Mia though, she was a good mare who kept her brains in her head.  Sunday we rode around the block again but this time with everyone (K on TWH, me ponying App) and Mia was very good. She didn't balk almost at all and she was very good the entire ride.  My endurance increased by about 50% at the trot so I felt much better about my chances of riding this upcoming weekend.

Monday was a dressage ride and Mia was quite forward but listened pretty well.  We were able to do some serpentines without Mia dropping her shoulder in the change of bend and she did stay stretched forward and downward most of the time.  Her canter is much improved since January and I am really excited about our lessons on Saturday, I really want to have some good, solid feedback.  Tuesday we did fitness over cross poles.  Mia ended up getting pretty fast over the cross poles and not staying a consistent speed all the way around the arena but we worked well and it helped me work on finding her distance and overall it was a good ride.  I  also laid down a barrel in the middle of the arena, no standards, no poles, just a barrel.  I turned Mia to it and expected her to try to duck out or stop, she EXPLODED towards it and flew over it.  Uhhh, horse??  She was literally dragging me to the barrel, it was too funny.  She didn't know what to think about it but she certainly wanted to go over it!  After I made her slow down and approach the barrel more slowly and with thought, I had to use more leg to steer her over it but she was a beast.  I found certainly can't keep my 5 mins of two point right now but I can get to 3 mins.  If there was a horse trial this weekend, I would have to scratch.  Since it is just a couple of lessons, I am going to go.  Woohoo!

Last night was jumping and Mia just impresses the crap out of me.  I set up 2 jumps as cross poles and warmed up.  I then set up a plank looking thing I use to jump over on one jump and put a tarp over the other jump.  Mia had absolutely zero hesitation at all about going over these new, solid looking jumps.  I eventually raised the tarp jump all the way up to 3'3" and while we were having issues with the striding and Mia brought it down a few times, Mia was hopping over that 3'3" jump like it was barely there.  OMG!!!  This girl can JUMP.

Tonight will be another dressage ride and tomorrow will be a quick jump ride to prepare for our clinic.  I have videos of last night and I am going to attempt to upload them off of my phone.  Here is to hoping they appear!

Okay, try the links, I can't get the last videos to embed

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  1. Videos!!!! Yay!!! In slow motion! Double yay!! Look at Mia go! She loves it!!