Monday, February 16, 2015

Cold here? Yeah, it is cold.

Geez, when was I even able to ride last?  I know I rode on Monday.  I don't think I have been able to ride since.  I have had to cancel giving all of my lessons.  And this morning the tractor refused to even run so I could scoop poo.  Yep, it is cold.  -14 this morning.  Yesterday was a high of 3.  Yep.  3 degrees.  It isn't going to be even decent until at least Saturday.  It might possibly be kind of high enough to do SOMETHING tomorrow but most likely not.

So do I have anything of interest to post about?  Not really.  I rode Mia last week and actually had a good ride.  I rode with K (Sunday??) and Mia started out REALLY well but reverted back to being unable to function in the canter to the right.  Head high, unbalanced, refusing to bend, going super fast, etc.  I broke out the draw reins in an attempt to keep her a tiny bit together and despite a good fight, we did end on a good note.  On Monday I came out with a much better plan.  I KNOW that Mia can do this, she is just refusing for whatever reason.  So let me tip the tables in my favor and make her WANT to do what I want, I brought treats.  We had a really good warmup (our trot is coming along really well!) and then I worked on trot/canter transitions.  As soon as I was able to get her to be balanced I immediately stopped and shoved a treat in her mouth.  That took all of 3 times before she decided she could be balanced.  I repeated the process with her head and after 2 attempts she was cantering around balanced and with her head forward and down.  Yep, that's my mare.  Can't force her!

Since then I haven't been able to do anything.  With single digit or below zero temps at night and single digit highs on the weekends, I am sequestered to the house and the horses get to enjoy some cold time off.  Appy is super happy is his new(er) heavyweight Amigo blanket with hood.  Mia is snug in her Schneiders blanket and I even put TWH's blanket on.  I have bumped everyone's hay up to 15-18lbs per bag, 2x a day from 12-13lbs per bag, 2x a day and so far no one has wasted it.  Win!  Hopefully this Arctic blast decides to go back to the Arctic soon and I can ride my ponies.  Stay warm!


  1. You've ridden more than I have lately! C'mon spring!!

  2. I hope it warms up so you can ride soon!! It hasn't been above 35F here for a couple of weeks... that's not cold compared to what you're going through, but it's cold for us. Especially with the wind. Ick I hate the wind.

    I had to giggle over the treats and Mia. Chrome is the same way. If I bring out the treats he starts paying attention and all of a sudden understands what I'm asking and does it willingly. If I weren't the same way (no way would I go to my crappy job if I weren't being paid) I would be kind mad at him haha. I really need to do some clicker training with him when it warms up and I can go without gloves. I think Mia would love clicker training. :D