Friday, December 19, 2014

Getting our dressage on - a partial update

The last time I took a real dressage lesson, from a real dressage instructor, was back around August. August of 2010.  The two instructors since have not been true dressage instructors and while they were okay, they weren't super great.  Neither was hard on my equitation and I didn't feel more dressage-ey at the end of the lesson. at the pushing of RB4, I set up a lesson with the dressage instructor from our spring clinic.

Last Saturday was our first lesson and wow it was a good one. We started the lesson as expected, with some background. The instructor, M, said that she remembered us after she saw Mia and again said how much she liked my mare.  Mia was nicely put together and moves very well.  M immediately had me lower my stirrups which made her happier and though didn't necessarily feel better, I am paying for her opinion so I sure in hell am going to try it out! She really liked my basic position.  My leg was nice, my hands were nice, my back was nice and straight.  But then she started to nit pick.  I need to close my hip angle, apparently I am slightly behind her motion right now which is fine for a more upper level horse but not for my green bean.  I FEEL like I am leaning way forward but she says I look perfect so I am working on it.  She also had me stop looking where I am going and, if anything, counter bed a little because I am turned too much to the inside.


Okay, so that was the write up I started 2 weeks ago and still haven't had time to finish.  Still.  So that is it for now, I have a lesson tomorrow again and I SHOULD have time to make a post about it because I am actually off of work until January starting tomorrow.  YAY!!!  Sorry for being such a bad blogger, I guess some update is better than none?  I have been practicing my new positions and they are coming along very well, hopefully M will see continued progress and I will be awesome come spring.

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  1. Yay lessons! I can't wait to hear about the next one too. Enjoy your vacation!