Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bit of a lull so some quick updates

Things went from crazy busy before the Mia's show to insane.  I had to travel out of town for a wedding, we had to move half of our wood for the winter, change insurance companies thanks to yet another huge increase (now THAT will suck the life out of you) and general life getting in the way.  My intention was to show TWH at the last show of the season on Oct 4/5.  I was kind of excited about it too, it was at the same venue as the first show of the year and it was the last show we could earn points at and is possibly the last time I will be showing TWH in eventing (unless some magic pocketbook opens up and dumps some cash on me, I also take sponsors lol!).  Best laid plans, however, did not pull through.  I simply don't have the funds to go and even if I did, I haven't been riding him enough.  With 2 weeks before the show and I haven't ridden him more than a few times since Mia's show, it just wouldn't really be fair.  *insert sad face*

It is pretty disappointing but I am in a lull anyway so it is par for the course.  Interestingly enough, it seems that a lot of my blogger friends are experiencing the same so I don't feel *quite* as bad.  Hopefully I can snap the heck out of it.  Add to it that my blog has dropped in page hits to half of their paltry number, it is a little disappointing.  I was super excited to see I now have 25 followers (HEY ALL!!!) but I didn't even get 20 hits on my last post about Mia's show.  I guess I didn't realize how awesome it was to know that people actually read my crappy writing and how much it helped spur me forward.  Alas, it will get better soon, I have to ride before deathwinter 2014 comes along and I can't ride becase it won't get above 10 degrees.  I blog just to track my progress, not for anyone else (that's just a bonus), so I shouldn't care if anyone reads it.

I did ride Mia last, I hadn't ridden her in about a week and surprisingly enough she did not throw a marefit about it and rode quite nicely!  She has a very big tendency to be very consistent with consistent work but time off requires a good hard reminder that she should listen, this time I didn't get that attitude!  A bit heavy in the bridle, a little lax in her trot/canter transitions but overall it was quite nice.  I just bebopped around to get some saddle time in, I wasn't working on anything hard but was quite impressed with the mare's willingness.  I hope it sticks around!  We finished the ride with some basics, moving the quarters, sidepassing and backing.  She was quite happy to ignore my leg when asking to move her haunches but a quick tap with the whip reminded her that ignoring isn't the best option.  We finished on a good note and she got some carrots to help soothe her ego.

The App is doing really well, after he had his hocks injected (April? May? I can't keep track) he started moving really well.  Giving him an IV injection of polyglycan once a month and giving him Smartsox plus MSM daily has made him a very sound and happy old man!  He has lost a bit of weight as summer goes away, just like he has for the past 5 years, so he is now getting an alfalfa cube mush twice a day plus he is being left in overnight so he can be parked in front of a hay bag.  He is gaining what he lost pretty quickly, thankfully, and I am glad I noticed it at the beginning of Sept instead of now because the cooler it is, the harder it is to get the weight on.  Once it is on, however, we have to practically chisel it off, go figure!

I am seriously looking for people who would want to lease TWH next year to event with.  If you are in the MI region, aren't afraid of a crazy internet blogger and want a horse that will event straight out of the box, send me your email and, if you are serious, I may come out of hiding and meet someone!

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  1. I want to meet you, but I can't lease TWH hehe. I'm sorry about the page views... I don't even look at mine... I wonder what they are............ I don't think I should go there lol. Sorry I haven't been around, but you always know I'll be back and I'll get caught up. I love reading your blog. I've been in a lull with riding too and I really need to get over it because the weather has been gorgeous! It just sucks because I'm so busy after work and I feel too rushed riding in the morning. I'll find a routine eventually I guess. Reading blogs is helping to motivate me though so keep posting please!!!