Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My horses are awesome

Today I had a mini heart attack.  This morning started out normal, I got up, wasted some time on the internet, read a couple of blogs and got ready to start the day.  I brought the horses in, Sinatra was at one gate, App and Mia were at the other so I opened both gates and brought the horses in to give them grain.

Not exact replica of pasture, nor to size, but close enough for the story
When they were done, I kicked them outside and went in the house at 8a like I always do.  I went to work and worked until 1p when I stopped for lunch.  I went to the kitchen sink and washed my hands, as I did I looked for the horses and noticed something odd.  The left gate was open.  Wide open.  Oh crap!

As I ran outside I realized I had opened both gates that morning but I only shut the right gate as I turned the horses out through the right gate.  CRAP!  As I went outside, praying the horses hadn't gone too far and that I could hopefully find them within the hour I had for lunch, I saw the App and company standing by the horse trailer munching on some longer grass I hadn't mowed over the weekend.  PHEW!

I went to the barn and grabbed a hay bag for encouragement but no one walked over to me.  I set the bag down and walked over to the horses and to my delight, no one walked away or scattered, they were quite content to just snack on grass and were completely oblivious to my blunder.  I grabbed Mia by her fly mask and walked her back to the pasture before grabbing the boys and walking them back by their fly masks as well.  As I wanted to reward them for excellent behavior, I threw each of them a decent sized flake of hay so they wouldn't be so upset with the fact I cut their free time short.

I am SO happy my blunder didn't turn out worse.  They could have been GONE given they were outside for up to 5 hours and they didn't go anywhere.  I guess life must not be that bad here after all right?!?  Given the choice of freedom, they will gladly stick around.  I love my awesome horses.

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  1. Yikes!!! I hate when that happens. I'm glad they stuck around and were okay. My guy never makes it far from the grass either LOL! You'd think we starved them the way they act. :) Oh and I love that you can lead them by their fly masks. I've taught Chrome to lead by his chin with nothing on his head and my mare growing up would lead by her forelock (her mane was shaved off) hehe. So handy!