Friday, May 2, 2014

Still here! A quick recap

Many apologies for not posting lately, things have been extremely busy in both my personal and professional life which has left me with little to no time to blog.  The 5 minute recap of the past 2 weeks are:

TWH's cross country schooling went poorly, it started off well and I overfaced him to a jump and really shook his confidence.  BAD BLOGGER!!  By the end of the schooling he was jumping novice fences again but wasn't jumping them as I would have preferred.  I will be going again on Sunday to school, next weekend I have our first big horse trial and I entered him in the novice level.  If he isn't 100% on Sunday, I will bump him down to beginner novice for his first show.

Mia's cross country schooling went amazingly, after explaining to her she should canter over logs and such, she was a rock star!  She didn't run off with me (though we came kinda close), she didn't buck or rear, I didn't fall off (though I did severely sprain my sprained finger) and there wasn't a single spook anywhere.  Win!

TWH's dressage is feeling super sexy, I can't wait to have it video taped so I can watch it.  If it looks half as good as it feels, he will clean up in his Novice show next weekend.  Win!

Mia's dressage is coming along too, we can now pretty comfortably canter both directions, do mini shoulder ins at the trot and are starting 10m circles.  We finally found a copper mouthed eggbutt bit that she doesn't mind for her dressage show bridle.  I only had to go through 3 other bits to get to it, she does NOT like the loose ring french snaffle, the augarian D ring or the waterford.  She is okay enough in a stainless eggbutt to use it for jumping but not for dressage.  What a picky mare, at least we got it sorted out.

I have a clinic with Mia on Saturday with a well known dressage instructor, I am excited!  H is a good instructor but she doesn't kick my butt in dressage like I think she should.  I am really looking forward to another persons perspective on a horse that is well suited for dressage.  We will then also have a cross country lesson afterwards, I am going to put her over starter AND beginner novice jumps.  Go Mia!

I did sprain my finger when going cross country schooling on TWH 2 weeks ago, jumping down a bank my finger got caught in his mane and just bent sideways a bit.  I shook it off and kept riding, I mean it hurt but no biggie.  Well the next day I rode Mia cross country and was dealing with her greenness, she lept into the water the first time we went down a 12" step into the water.  All was good till my velcro butt came into play, I stayed on but my poor finger took the brunt of the force.  I doubled over in pain for over a minute thinking it had surely broken.  Thankfully it hadn't but it was terribly swollen.  I gave it a week off and kept it in a finger splint until last weekend and have been going around fine.  When jumping TWH last night what happened?  Landed wrong and rebent that same.  damn.  finger.  OMG pain!  There is a noticeable, uncomfortable bulge at the last joint of my finger.  :(  I am going to wear the splint again and am going to tape the finger whenever I ride until this is fixed, my poor finger is not doing well.

Hopefully everyone is doing well, I am kinda keeping caught up on everyones blogs.  Hopefully next week will be much slower and I can catch up.  I have tons of pictures and just no time to post them.  Hopefully my next post will include details about the clinic and schooling!


  1. Missed ya! Glad to hear the ponies are doing well. Looking forward to hearing about your clinic with Mia!

  2. Pictures!!! I can't wait!! Hehe.

    Ouch! Sorry about your finger. Definitely keep it taped. It takes FOREVER to heal even if you don't keep spraining it over and over. I hope it's feeling better soon.

    That's too bad about TWH... I hope he does fine at the next schooling. Surely once he sleeps on it he will realize you weren't trying to kill him. :)

    I'm excited to hear about how well dressage is going for everyone and I can't wait to hear about the clinic. It sounds like Mia is going to be one heck of an event horse! I'm so happy for you!