Friday, October 18, 2013

Wha, wha, what?! I found video?! Plus vet visit recap!

The vet was out today for our last follow up visit and it went quite well!  The TWH has been cleared to start back under saddle, Dr A wants us to go really slow since we aren't rushing for a show and I agree.  Our plan is 2 weeks of walk, 2 weeks of walk/trot then 2 weeks of walk/trot/canter with walking up and down our big hill to strengthen his stifle.  He is sound but is a little wonky in his right stifle and Dr A is pretty certain it is due to (now) being out of shape (or rather, now in a round shape) and strengthening exercises will fix him right up.  I also had him look at Mia to see if I missed any issues, now that she has manners and knows how to lunge I threw her on the lunge line.   Dr A really liked her movement, he said she has really nice hock action which is not what he expected out of her.  He said he could see she is gaining weight and that he is pretty certain she is going to be a really nice horse.

The App is diagnosed as still off, he is still sore on his left front.  I had Dr A take an xray of it to make sure we knew what we were facing.  The App has a thin sole, a good bit of arthritis in his lower coffin joint, has some joint narrowing and a remodel on his coffin bone that has a small point that could be scraping his coffin joint.  Dr A did say, however, that this would not be causing the App's issues he is currently experiencing.  We are going to keep continuing on and give him another couple of weeks.  We will need to revisit the situation if he is still sore as Dr A says it should just take time.

In other news, however, I found video posted by a friend of mine that shows the second half of our Novice dressage test in Sept!  I had forgotten she had posted it as she posted it under her horses name and not mine. This works out well because I had been asked how the draft roll looks on the TWH, the video shows his mane plus some of our ride.  Enjoy!


  1. i love how calm you TWH looks, really is amazing he events.

  2. Wow what a great halt at the end! I LOVE the video. You both look great! I love the draft roll on him. It looks so clean and professional. He is so handsome! I finally see what you mean about his trot. It's so close to the ground and economical. Do you think he will ever learn to create suspension? Regardless I still think he's awesome hehe. His transitions were so good! I only notice a pacey downward transition once. :) I'm glad he checked out well with the vet too. Lucky you having a hill to work his stifles. I need a hill so bad for Chrome's stifles lol.

    Sorry the App is still off. I really hope he's back to normal at the next recheck.