Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Vet visit

With the TWH being a bit off at our last show, it was time to call the vet out.  It worked out well as the App had been off for about 2 weeks and I was planning on calling the vet out anyway when his issue didn't resolve on its own.  My normal vet wasn't able to get out until the following Friday and I needed someone sooner, I had entered a clinic for the Sunday following our show and had to let them know asap if I had to withdraw.  I asked around and made an appointment with RB3's vet.  Her comment was that he was good, but he was expensive and charged for everything.  Eh, I can handle that if he is good.

Vet 1 came out on Wednesday and evaluated both boys.  He could see the issue with the TWH and said the issue was his stifle and hock soreness.  He was tender upon palpation though he flexed out without too much lameness.  He gave some banamine to reduce any swelling, some polyglycan for the joints and some estrone sulfate to help tighten up his stifle.  He said to rest the TWH till Friday and then he should be good to go for the clinic.

He said the issue with the App was also hock pain, I thought it was more front end lameness.  Opps!  Apparently the App is compensating so much for his hocks that he is showing front end lameness, great.  He said to give 4 grams of bute for a day, 2 grams of bute for a day, 1.5 for a day then 1 gram for 3 days to reduce the swelling.  He said our only option was to inject his hocks and that he really needed front shoes, he would recommend backing up the breakover about an inch and squaring off the toes.  Ugh, I don't want to do that without a second opinion.  He did, however, look at the App's eyes and said they aren't as bad as my vet thinks.  My vet said he was likely 75% blind in bright sunlight and thus should work mostly inside.  Vet 1 thinks he is closer to 40%.  He said his eye structure is still in very good condition with slight cataracts but no moon blindness, etc.  He said the corporate nigra is a bit large but isn't blocking his vision that badly and that the App is seeing close objects quite well.  Yay us!

I had my normal vet come out on Friday and check the boys again.  The TWH was a bit better but not great, he was still quite sore in his hocks and the vet said he is much more concerned about his suspensory/ddft ligament.  He is concerned over the amount of reaction the TWH is giving when pressing on it, he is afraid we have sprained the ligament.  He recommend against riding in the clinic unless we absolutely had to because he didn't want the ligament to rupture.  He recommended having someone come out and ultrasound the TWH to see the extent of the damage, he doesn't want to inject his hocks and have the TWH feel good enough to snap his ligament.  Great!  Not.  Thankfully the clinic was willing to let me drop out without a hassle, phew.

My vet did agree with Vet 1 that the App's issue is with his hocks but he agreed the App does have some mild front end lameness.  He gave the App a shot of polyglycan in hopes that the new injectable supplement will work better than the pentosan I am currently using.  He gave me a salve to use on both of the boys hocks for 7-10 days and I was very pleased when his vet bill was half of what Vet 1's bill was.  Small victory lol.

At 5 days later, both boys are doing better.  Or rather the TWH is doing better and the App is doing fantastic.  The polyglycan seems to have really helped the App as not only is he no longer lame looking, he is moving around a lot better, trotting in the field (something I hadn't noticed he wasn't doing until he started doing it again) and is walking with his ears up more.  Success!  I am waiting for an appointment for the ultrasound still, the first ultrasound vet wasn't available for another 1.5 weeks so I am waiting for the other partner to check their availability.  Looking forward to getting the boys comfortable again.


  1. bummer to have both boys down. Glad they sound like they are doing better.

  2. Aww dang that really sucks!! Did he say what could have caused the injury in the TWH? It isn't from jumping is it??